Matteo Fine Chiseled

AllClad™ Stone Tile Collection

AllClad™ Stone Tile Collection

Part of our AllClad™ Collection, Matteo Limestone with a Fine Chiseled Finished combines the best of cool, neutral grey tones with stunning white fossil formations, all with a refined linear texture that feels great to the touch. Cut to our native 16″x 24″ format, Matteo Fine Chiseled is ideal for feature walls, fireplaces, and contemporary siding.

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Matteo features a stunning mix of fossil formations with a base grey color and a machine-raked finish with clean, refined lines. Ideal for residential and commercial interiors as well as exterior walls, modern siding, and fireplaces.

Weight 7 lbs / sf
Dimensions 16″ Tall x 24″ Long x 1cm Thick; custom sizes available
Exterior Rated ASTM C67 Tested & Approved, rated for exterior freeze/thaw
Stone Type Hardy Limestone
Care Info Standard Natural Stone Care in some use cases – For example, if interior in a high wear zone such as a backsplash, use a non-color enhancing stone sealer is recommended.
Color Description V3 Variation – Neutral Grey to black as base color with frequent fossils and swirling mineral formations.
Corners Mitered on site. See Installation Page for further details.