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Houses with Stone Accents: Elevate Your Home's Aesthetic

Natural Stone Exterior Fireplace Accent Wall

In the ever-evolving world of interior and exterior design, one building element stands absolutely resolute – impervious to fleeting trends and fads – and that is: stone. Timelessly elegant and remarkably versatile, stone accents have etched their mark on architectural history throughout the millennia and remain a mark of luxury in today’s most forward-trend building designs.

In this exploration of how stone accents can transform and elevate the visual appeal of the modern home, from the rustic charm of stacked stone fireplaces to the sleek sophistication of granite countertops and modern interior design, stone seamlessly adapts to any design vision. 

It embodies the unique ability to both enhance and soften, juxtaposing strength and grace in a single stroke of elegance.Join us on this captivating journey as we unveil the transformative power of stone accents, guiding you towards creating a stone house that exude timeless charm and unrivaled versatility. Discover how the ageless beauty of stone can infuse your living spaces with a sense of enduring elegance.

Join us on this captivating journey as we unveil the transformative power of stone accents, guiding you towards creating a stone house that exude timeless charm and unrivaled versatility. Discover how the ageless beauty of stone can infuse your living spaces with a sense of enduring elegance.

The Beauty of Stone Accents

Origin Terraform Irregular Stone Veneer adorns a modern exterior facade.
Ultra Modern Home with Natural Stone Accent Wall

The allure of stone in interior and exterior design lies in its remarkable ability to bridge the gap between seemingly contrasting worlds—rustic and contemporary. With its innate charm and timeless appeal, stone aesthetics have the uncanny knack of seamlessly merging these design concepts, creating spaces that are both invitingly rustic and strikingly contemporary.

In rustic settings, stone accents bring a sense of authenticity, harkening back to the earth’s natural beauty and innately shaped by the elements. A building material with a significant impact on history ranging from the pyramids in Egypt to the Parthenenon of Greece, stone whether it’s in the form of a weathered stone wall, rugged fireplace, or reclaimed stone flooring evokes a warm, old-world charm that resonates with tradition.

Yet, when paired with modern elements such as sleek glass, steel, or minimalist furnishings, stone infuses a sense of rugged sophistication, effortlessly balancing the old with the new.

Rustic Home with Stone Accents by William T Baker
Rustic Home with Stone Accents by William T Baker

Conversely, in contemporary design, stone accents introduce a tactile and organic element that softens the sometimes sterile aspects of modernism a new home might imbue. From sleek slate countertops to feature walls adorned with smooth, minimalist limestone, stone infuses warmth and character into minimalist spaces. This marriage of cold and warm, hard and soft, lends a timeless quality and exude a sense of refinement and sophistication to contemporary interiors.

Large Format Stone Wall Next to Outdoor Pool
Contemporary Residence with Stone Accenting - Platinum PLANC™ Veneers

Stone accents adapt flawlessly to a wide array of design styles, transcending the boundaries of rustic and contemporary. Whether it’s the classic elegance of marble in a traditional two-story home, the industrial chic of exposed brick in urban lofts, or the Zen-like serenity of pebble mosaic in minimalist sanctuaries, stone’s versatility ensures it complements and enhances any design vision. Its adaptability is a testament to its enduring relevance in the ever-evolving world of design, making it a cherished element for architects and homeowners alike.

Types of Stone Accents

The world of stone accents is a rich tapestry woven from the myriad textures, colors, and personalities of different stone types. Each variety carries its own unique character, speaking volumes about the geological history of our planet. From the earthy ruggedness of slate, the warmth of sandstone, and the exotic allure of granite, the options are as diverse as the Earth itself. 

This variety of stones, sculpted by nature’s hand over countless millennia, offer architects and designers an extensive palette to draw from when seeking to infuse spaces with personality, style, and enduring beauty, as well as balance out the cost per square foot of their projects. Let us embark on a journey through this stone kingdom, exploring the enchanting possibilities each type brings to the world of natural stone facades enabling you to tailor your selections to match a desired vision and aesthetic.

1. Real Stone

Stone mason wearing gloves marking where a piece of natural stone veneer needs to be cut
Stone mason wearing gloves marking where a piece of natural stone veneer needs to be cut

Real stone, with its unparalleled natural beauty and enduring durability, stands as the quintessential choice for stone accents that breathe life into both interior and exterior spaces and is the main focus of our discussion today. Each slab, tile, or block of real stone tells a story etched by the hand of nature, showcasing exquisite patterns, colors, and textures that are simply irreplaceable. 

This authenticity translates into an enduring charm that transcends trends and time. Real stone finds its place as the focal point in a myriad of applications, from the grandeur of exterior facades to the cozy intimacy of fireplace surrounds and accent walls, to the rustic elegance of garden pathways and landscape features. 

Its resilience against the elements ensures that its splendor lasts for generations as an exterior stone. Real stone accents not only elevate the visual appeal of spaces but also imbue them with an undeniable sense of prestige and timeless beauty that only nature itself can create.  Let’s dive into some of the most common real stone materials used for various stone accents.

2. Granite

Granite Stone Cladding New England Modern Residence
Sawn-Back Granite Veneer Used on Retaining Walls and as Stone Accenting

Granite, with its dramatic and robust appearance, stands as a pinnacle among stone choices for accents in interior and exterior design. This majestic rock, formed deep within the Earth’s crust, boasts a timeless allure that effortlessly commands attention. Its durability is legendary, enduring for generations without succumbing to the wear and tear of time. 

What truly sets granite apart, however, is its captivating texture—a testament to the forces of nature. Its surface is adorned with intricate patterns, an artistry crafted by the eons, making each slab a unique work of natural art. Whether utilized as countertops, a coffee table top, fireplace surrounds, or outdoor pavers, granite’s resplendent beauty, enduring strength, and captivating texture make it a cornerstone of architectural design that can transform spaces into works of enduring elegance.

3. Slate

Black Stone Siding Made with Charcoal Exterior Stone Wall Panels
Charcoal Quartizitic Sedimentary Rock Panels are similar to Slate

Slate is a type of stone revered for its rustic and earthy charm, offers an enchanting option for stone accents that effortlessly infuses spaces with timeless character. Its layered appearance, reminiscent of ancient geological formations, imparts a sense of history and depth to any setting. 

The textured surface of slate exudes a tactile quality, inviting touch and exploration. Whether adorning indoor spaces as flooring or accent walls or gracing the outdoors as pathways and roofing, slate’s natural allure is undeniable. Its ability to harmonize with a range of design styles, from a traditional cottage with gables to modern urban lofts, makes it a versatile choice. With slate accents, a subtle elegance emerges, creating an atmosphere of authenticity that transcends time and trends.

4. Travertine

Vein Cut Maya Limestone Travertine Cladding
Vein Cut Maya Limestone Travertine Cladding

Travertine, celebrated for its timeless appeal, offers a distinct choice for stone accents that radiate elegance. Its porous texture, crafted over millennia by the flow of mineral-rich water, lends a unique, tactile quality to surfaces. 

The warm, earthy tones of travertine, ranging from creamy beige to rich walnut blends that evoke a sense of harmony with the natural world. Whether employed as floor tiles, intricate mosaics, or stately columns, travertine imbues spaces with a serene and inviting ambiance. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with a variety of design aesthetics, from classical to contemporary, ensures its enduring popularity. 

With travertine accents, the passage of time seems to stand still, creating an atmosphere of enduring beauty and grace.

5. Sandstone

Splitface Sandstone Cladding for Accent Walls
Splitface Sandstone Cladding for Accent Walls

Sandstone, celebrated for its natural ruggedness, stands as a captivating choice for stone accents that exude an earthy charm. Its grainy texture, shaped by the elements over eons, lends surfaces a distinct tactile quality, inviting both touch and admiration. 

The warm hues of sandstone, ranging from soft beige to rich terracotta, evoke a sense of warmth and timeless appeal. Whether employed as exterior cladding, garden paths, a front door entryway, or interior feature walls, sandstone effortlessly brings the outdoors in, forging a connection with nature. Its versatility across architectural styles, from rustic cottages to modern urban retreats, makes it a timeless favorite. 

With sandstone accents, the raw beauty of the earth is harnessed, infusing spaces with a rugged elegance and a touch of the ancient world.

6. Quartzite

Ivory Quartz Exterior Fireplace Outdoor Living
Surface Shop Ivory Quartz Rock Panels Used on Exterior Pillars on Custom Residence in Naples, FL

Quartzite, renowned for its harmonious blend of beauty and durability, offers an exceptional choice for stone accents that effortlessly strike a balance between aesthetics and strength. 

Perfect for a stone exterior application, this natural stone, born from the metamorphic transformation of sandstone, exhibits a captivating range of colors and intricate patterns. Its alluring appearance, resembling the depth and complexity of marble, belies its incredible resilience. 

Quartzite accents, whether used as kitchen countertops, wall cladding, or outdoor patio surfaces, provide an ideal compromise between elegance and toughness. They endure the rigors of daily use while retaining their exquisite charm, making quartzite a go-to option for those seeking to infuse spaces with enduring beauty and unwavering resilience.

7. Cobblestone

Beautiful Cobble Stone Pathway Detail
Beautiful Cobble Stone Pathway Detail

Cobblestones, celebrated for their quaint irregular shapes and varied sizes, emerge as a charming choice for stone accents that excel in the realm of pathways, driveways, and rustic exterior features. 

These weathered stones, smoothed by the passage of time, infuse outdoor spaces with a French inspired old-world charm that harks back to centuries past.

Their distinct shapes and sizes create visually engaging patterns that add character to driveways and walkways alike. Cobblestone pathways, whether meandering through a garden or leading to the entrance of a home, evoke a sense of nostalgia and enduring elegance. 

These stones effortlessly harmonize with the natural environment, making them an excellent choice for those seeking to infuse their outdoor spaces with timeless character and rustic appeal.

8. River Rock

River Pebble Rock Interior Bathroom
Black River Pebble Wall Cladding in a Spa Bathrom

River rocks, celebrated for their smooth, polished surfaces, find a special place in interior design, where they are often employed to create soothing natural elements like indoor water features. 

The gentle curves and soft textures of river rocks evoke the calming influence of nature, making them perfect for bringing tranquility indoors. These stones, shaped by the flowing waters of rivers and streams, seamlessly blend with various design styles, from contemporary spa-like bathrooms to Zen-inspired living spaces. 

By incorporating river rocks into interior design, we invite the serenity of the outdoors into our homes, fostering an atmosphere of relaxation and connection with the natural world, transforming our living spaces into sanctuaries of peace and balance.

9. Natural Stone Landscaping Accents

Kalahari Terra Form Stone Clad Landscape Wall
Kalahari Terra Form Stone Clad Landscape Wall

Natural stone, in outdoor spaces, becomes a canvas upon which the rugged, untamed beauty of nature is artfully expressed. 

Step outside your garage doors to find meandering pathways, sturdy retaining walls, or an inviting patio and front porch – these accents not only serve functional purposes but also weave the wild charm of the outdoors into our landscapes. 

Each stone, weathered by the elements and bearing unique textures and hues, evokes a sense of agelessness and authenticity. These outdoor features embody the essence of the great outdoors, inviting us to connect with the earth in a profound way. 

Whether nestled in a tranquil garden or forming the backbone of a sprawling estate, natural stone accents impart a sense of timelessness and raw elegance, transforming outdoor spaces into sanctuaries where the wild and the cultivated coexist in perfect harmony.

10. Stone Veneer Siding

Natural Lava Stone Veneer Facade used on a Residence in Australia
Platinum Lavastone PLANC™ Used as an Exterior Siding Accent

Stone veneer siding emerges as a brilliant compromise between the captivating charm of authentic stone and the practicality of installation. 

Its artful mimicry of full bed thickness stone is often indistinguishable to the casual observer, offering an affordable way to impart a touch of rustic elegance to exterior facades. Unlike the labor-intensive process of applying traditional stone, stone veneer siding is engineered for ease of installation, reducing both time and cost. 

This versatile material caters to a variety of architectural styles, from traditional cottages to contemporary urban dwellings, allowing homeowners and designers alike to harness the timeless appeal of stone without the complexities. 

Stone veneer siding thus bridges the gap between aesthetic aspirations and practical considerations, rendering exterior facades with a timeless, natural beauty that endures through the seasons.

11. Faux Stone

Manufactured Stone Veneer
Manufactured Stone Veneer lacks color durability and authenticity but can be an effective budgetary solution when needed.

Faux stone accents have emerged as a slightly more accessible means to infuse elegance into interior and exterior spaces, offering the aesthetic likeness of real stone while sometimes offering a lower price point on the material itself. 

The affordability factor of manufactured stone veneer opens up a world of design possibilities, allowing homeowners and designers to experiment with various stone aesthetics and styles, at approximately a 10-20% savings over natural products. 

Faux stone accents provide a versatile and cost-effective way to elevate the visual appeal of spaces but a healthy debate on the merits of authenticity should be had when comparing faux stone to real stone products whenever considering any type of stone for a project.

Exterior Enchantment: Stone Accent Facades

Surface Shop Sun Valley Ashlar Limestone natural stone wall veneer used on exterior accents of a high end residential with large paver driveway
Stunning Sun Valey Ashlar adorns this beauitful Arizona Home

The exterior of your home is not just a structural shell; it’s the first impression, the face that greets the world. This is where the transformative power of stone accents comes into play, turning a house into a true work of art.

Stone accents have the uncanny ability to infuse a sense of timelessness and character into the exterior design, creating a lasting impression that lingers in the minds of visitors and passersby. Some important things to consider when choosing a stone accent for the exterior or a house are:

The Power of Stone Accents

When applied in a thoughtful way as part of a logical design, stone accents become more than just fancy embellishments on the exterior walls of your home – they serve as the architectural protagonists that capture attention and inspire awe.

Choosing the Right Stone

Selecting the right product from not only a color, texture, and scale, standpoint, but also knowing that that the stone is suitable for exterior home use in the specific climate is a critical first step in creating a stone accent.

Harmony in Contrasts with Modern and Stone

As we’ve learned, stone is inherently old, so embrace the value of age and don’t be afraid to create interplay on a house exterior between the clean lines of contemporary design and the raw, natural beauty of stone.

Strategic Placement

Knowing where to put stone accents on a home is a delicate balance.  Overdo it and you just created a castle.  Don’t do enough and it might not stand out amongst other home exteriors on your block and catch people’s eye. Seek to achieve a cohesive and harmonious exterior.

Enduring Beauty

Whether it’s a stone facade, column, pathway, or other landscaping element, one of the most compelling reasons to choose stone accents for your home’s exterior is their unparalleled durability and weather resistance. 

Stone has stood the test of time for centuries, enduring through harsh climates and environmental challenges. Its innate strength makes it a practical and long-lasting choice, ensuring that your home’s exterior will enhance the value and remain as stunning as the day it was crafted for many years to come.

Interior Elegance: Stone Accent Interiors

Whitsunday Ashlar Interior Stone Accent Wall
Whitsunday Ashlar Interior Stone Accent Wall

Stone accents possess a unique ability to elevate the ambiance of interior spaces in home design, imparting a sense of luxury, texture, and warmth that few other materials can match. Stone fireplaces, with their rugged elegance, become the focal point of a living room, radiating both heat and timeless charm. 

Accent walls adorned with stone transform a room into a visual masterpiece, creating depth and character that captivates the eye. In the kitchen, stone backsplashes provide a durable and stylish backdrop, infusing the heart of the home with a touch of rustic sophistication. 

In bathrooms, stone features like sinks, showers, and countertops exude a spa-like tranquility, inviting relaxation and rejuvenation. The tactile quality and natural beauty of stone add a sensory dimension to these spaces, creating a balanced and inviting ambiance and spawning an avalanche of design ideas and house plans.

Some of the many reasons to consider stone accents for interior projects of a home are:

Stone in Modern Interiors

Few other products are as effective at creating contrast as the rough textures of stone and the clean lines of modern interior design and furnishings. Harness this dynamic interplay of architectural design and use it to elevate the visual impact of both elements.

Sensory Connections

Whether its a splitface sandstone exuding texture, a highly polished marble begging for you to run your hand over it, or a light-colored quartzite subtly sparkling light back at you, stone accent interiors hit all the senses for an immersive product experience. Paint colors are truly 2D when it comes to the multi dimensional experience of a stone accent wall.

Accent Walls with Character

Incorporating a stone accent wall is akin to adding a chapter to the narrative of a room. If the house color is neutrally boring, use an accent wall to bring in color. A relatively small area of a larger space can capture the attention and become a focal point where a blank wall stood before.

Stone-Accented Fireplaces

Few things in design compare to the rugged textures a natural stone product can create to complement the organic beauty of fire. Both elements, the stone and the fire, are completely and inherently of the natural world but have been captured and contained in this space for us to enjoy.

Maintenance and Care

Sealers Choice Gold Stone Sealer
Sealer's Choice Gold Stone Sealer is a great solvent-based choice for most natural stone products

Maintaining the enduring beauty of your stone accents over time is not just a matter of preserving aesthetics but also safeguarding your investment, whether your project was a whole home makeover, small remodel, or even just a weekend warrior home improvement project. 

Different types of stones will require different maintenance routines including cleaning and sealing which we have detailed below.  

All building materials are different, so while stone cladding might have a different maintenance routine than vinyl siding or stucco, with mindful care, your stone accents will continue to adorn your spaces with their enduring grace, beauty, and durability for generations to come.

Understanding Your Stone

It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific characteristics of the stone used in your accents. Each type of stone has distinct attributes, such as porosity, hardness, mineral contents, and cleavage patterns that need to be known and understood to properly maintain it. 

Always look to the craftsman that installed the stone, or even better, the supplier or manufacturer for the most accurate information as many times certain stones look the same but can have very different characteristics.

Regular Cleaning

Interior stone accents generally only require removing surface dust with a soft cloth or vacuum. Exterior stone accents can usually be cleaned with a gentle rinsing with water and agitating any surface dirt with a plastic bristle brush. 

If the staining is stubborn a stone specific cleaner, which will likely be non acidic, can be used per the stone supplier / manufacturer’s recommendation.

Mindful Sealing

Sealing natural stone accents is a proactive measure to safeguard against staining caused from absorption of other liquids. 

Different types of sealers exist, including water based and solvent based sealers, so always consult the stone supplier / manufacturer for a sealer recommendation and always test the sealer on a sample or off cut first.

Addressing Stains

There are lots of different stain specific natural stone cleaning products, addressing everything from efflorescence to graffiti to roof runoff from shingles. 

Understanding what type of stone you have and the nature of the stain will help determine what cleaning agents and procedures are available to address a specific stain and maintain the curb appeal of your home.

Avoid Abrasive Measures

Abrasives, whether as harsh chemicals, mechanical abrasive scrubbing pads, or even a high powered pressure wash are generally a bad idea when maintaining natural stone. 

These abrasives can scratch, etch, or dull the finish of the stone, often times physically changing the stone and how it appears, not to mention chemical abrasives can cause additional problems with landscaping and other surrounding areas.


Incorporating stone accents into your home is a choice that transcends mere aesthetics; it’s an investment in enduring elegance, strength, and character. Stone accents offer a wealth of design possibilities that can transform both interior and exterior spaces into works of art. 

With their remarkable durability and resistance to the elements, stone accents promise a longevity that few materials can match, ensuring your home’s beauty stands the test of time. Whether you seek to create a rustic retreat, a contemporary oasis, or a timeless sanctuary, stone accents provide a bridge to connect your design vision with the enduring beauty of nature itself. In every facet, these accents offer a return on investment that extends far beyond the monetary, enriching your living environment with texture, warmth, and a sense of timeless charm that will be cherished for generations to come.

Quality natural stone products and professional advice about how to use natural stone effectively for stone accent work can be found locally as well as online. Here at Surface Shop we’ve been finely crafting natural stone veneers for nearly two decades with pride to enhance and enrich the spaces of our clients. 

Reach out to a Surface Shop Design Professional today to learn more about how any of our natural stone veneer products can be the perfect fit for the stone accent work on your home.

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