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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer
Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer

Browse 17 different stacked stone fireplace ideas
using our interactive gallery.

Surface Shop Ridgeline natural stone vener wall panel installed on a foor to ceiling fireplace with a long linear fireplace insert and adjoining built in cabinets and shelves
Fireplace Stone Veneer | Ridgeline Stacked Stone Panel

Many Formats, All Stacked Stone Tiles For Your Fireplace

Surface Shop has curated some of the most remarkable and unique Stacked Stone Veneers for fireplaces from all over the world.  

Ranging from the traditional loose format split face style of our Dry Stack Ledgestone to the puzzle-like fitting of TERRAFORM™, or the super installation-friendly Stacked Stone Panel System products, we have a style, scale, and color perfect for your project.  Zeroing in specifically on just natural ledgestone for your fireplace? Head over to our Ledgestone Fireplace Gallery for specific inspiration on ledgestone options.

Stacked stone veneer fireplaces, while commonly associated with the traditional split face or ledgestone style look, can also now incorporate more modern styled stone finishes, such as honed and saw cut natural stone products, that still deliver the tight dry stacked look of stacked stone but with a modern twist.  

Why Stacked Stone Veneer For Your Fireplace?

A Stacked Stone Fireplace provides a timeless, classic look for what is invariably the focal point of a room and often the central gathering place that makes a house a home.  

With the obvious benefit and function of providing warmth, the fireplace has also become a harbinger of style for a given space and an opportunity to set the design intent and feel of that room and the space beyond.  

The durability and iconic style of stacked stone makes it an easy choice for a fireplace that will still look great in 5 or 10 years and beyond, but Surface Shop’s many styles of stone for fireplace walls are all worth consideration.

Surface Shop Grey Lynia Interlocking natural stone wall tiles used on a floor to ceiling fireplace in a large contemporary styled living room with an angled roof
Linear Stone Fireplace | Grey Basalt LYNIA™ Tile
stacked stone panel surface shop
Free form Corner

Impressive Corner Pieces for a Stacked Stone Fireplace

The challenge with cladding most fireplaces is what to do with the outside corners.  

An outside corner using stacked stone or a motar-jointed veneer can not only be a technical challenge from an installation standpoint, but it’s also almost always a very prominent feature of the fireplace. Therefore it’s really important that it looks as good as all of the stone around it.  

At Surface Shop we’ve been fine-tuning our corner systems since we started. We’ve developed the world’s first and only finger-jointed corner system for many of our panel system products. For our loose thin stone collections, we feature top of the line L-Shaped Corners, which are cut from larger blocks. So, whether you choose to feature a prominent grout joint, or go with a mortarless dryfit style, you’ll have a fantastic corner option to complete the job.

Outside corners are not an area to overlook for a stacked stone fireplace, so demand and get the best options in the market with Surface Shop.

Great Fireplace Design Starts with Great Planning

Our Surface Shop Pros make Stone Veneer Sampling and Selection a Breeze.

Stone Fireplace Installation has never been easier

Many Surface Shop products in the Stacked Stone Panel Series are designed to be installed over existing fireplace substrates, such as unpainted brick, which allows for fast and simple installation in renovation applications. This makes it easy to cover a brick fireplace with stone, for example. The ability to cover up an old, ugly, outdated fireplace and completely change the look, sometimes in as short a time as an afternoon, is what makes our stacked stone panel series for fireplaces such an exciting group of products.

Adaptive to Both Classic and Modern Styling

One thing we really love about our Fireplace materials is how they work so well with both classic and modern Styling.  So much of it depends on some of the design cues around the fireplace itself, such as the style, size and shape of the fireplace insert and any other features on the face of the fireplace such as a television recess or art nook.  Either way, stacked stone fireplaces can hold court in a rustic mountain cabin with taxidermy above it or in a swank California beach house where everything is smooth in texture and light in tone.

Natural Stacked Stone Fireplaces
in all the Popular Colors & Textures

The world is awash in natural stone in many beautiful colors and Surface Shop is excited to bring to you some of our absolute favorites as part of stacked stone collections aimed specifically for fireplaces.  Our wide range of products cover all major areas of the neutral color range from light whites and creams, neutral earth tones with various accent colors, as well as darker charcoals, greys, and ebony blacks to make bold statements, all of which are curated with an eye towards products that can both blend into the background or stand out as the center piece of any space.

This Kalahari TerraForm fireplace bridges a classic and rugged style in a modern farmhouse living room.

Ebony PLANC™ offers a contemporary black dry stacked and linear stone fireplace look in this clean, modern living room.

Our top-of-the-line White Quartz Rock Panels adorn this chic, modern fireplace in Denmark.

Costa Dry Stacked Ledgestone create a timeless and cozy feel for this Mid Century Craftsman styled living room.

FAQ's & Other Commonly Requested Resources

Stone Fireplace FAQ's

There are several considerations for determining how you'll install stacked stone around a fireplace:


  1. Are you using a modular system, like our Stacked Stone Panels, or a loose laid masonry installation system, like our Ashlar, Dry Stack, or TerraForm™ veneers?
  2. Are you going for a groutless look, also known as Dry Fit, or are you looking to have mortar joints?
  3. What kind of substrate are you working with? Is it cement board over frame, or pre-existing brick or block?


Once you have a plan for the above considerations, head over to our installation guide page, How to Install Natural Stone Veneers.

Updating or re-doing a stone fireplace can be as simple as installing stone over existing brick, or it can be as complex as removing a pre-existing stone product, grinding down the substrate, and then reinstalling an updated stone product from Surface Shop.

Whether you're decorating a a cozy, rustic-styled cabin fireplace or cleaning up and modernizing a contemporary style fireplace surround here are a few tips and tricks to spiff up your fireplace:

  1. Hang an over-sized mirror above the mantle. This opens the space and brings light into the room.
  2. Fill the Firebox with decorative or even fire-ready logs.
  3. Cover your Firebox With an Ornate Fire Screen.
  4. If you have a wood mantle, consider re-staining or updating it.

And, of course, if you're looking at updating the fireplace veneer, be sure to consider some of our natural stone materials for doing so.

As you can imagine, you'll need to hire a professional to build you a stone fireplace. But, before you even start that process, you may start visualizing your needs and working through a series of questions that are specific to your project.

First, you'll want to determine what kind of heat source you'll be using (Gas, traditional Wood-burning, or Electric), as each source type will have different considerations both from a design standpoint and construction standpoint.

From there you'll want to determine size and style. Large rooms and homes that require significant heat output will require larger fireplaces.

Browse from our gallery to find fireplaces you like, and have those images handy during your consultation with a professional. You may even want to order samples of our products ahead of time.

Depending on whether you're remodeling a fireplace or building from scratch, pricing can vary widely from as simple as $4-6,000 for a simple update to upwards of $25,000 for a more complex new build.

There is no one-size-fits-all recommendation for which stone veneer is best for a fireplace. Typically, our clients choose based on color, texture, and format.

When sourcing for modern fireplaces, a smooth and sleek veneer will be preferred to a more irregular or dimensional cut stone.

When sourcing for rustic environments, our clients typically choose from one of our masonry products - Either Ashlar, Dry Stack, or TerraForm.

When sourcing for transitional styled environments, our clients can choose from our entire range of products.

Commonly Requested Resources from Surface Shop

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