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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer
Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer


Charcoal Rock Panel Interior Stone Wall
Stone for Indoor Walls

Are Interior Stone Walls Easy to Install?

The short and simple answer is yes!  Installing stone on interior walls is more challenging than simplying painting or wall papering the space, but for the amount of change being produced the relative effort is worth it.  

The most important consideration when evaluating a stone product to be installed on an interior application is how much the stone weighs per square foot.  If the product is under 15 pounds per square foot, which all Surface Shop stone products are, it can be installed using setting materials / adhesives and does not need to be mechanically fastened to the wall.  

The second consideration for an interior stone wall is making sure the substrate the stone is being applied to is cementious, which for most interior applications means cement board.  Drywall or sheetrock walls are not suitable for most stone products but can be easily overlaid with cement board to create a proper substrate to bond to.  An interior stone wall project might look like an intimidating undertaking, complete with demo, reinforcing, and lots of other construction work, but for most Surface Shops products the installation process is simplified with our light weight products and easy to install patterns and systems.

Scratch Your Design Itch with a Stunning Interior Stone Wall

Whether you’re a full time designer or just like to play one with your own spaces, using stone for interior wall applications is a great way to achieve a specific look, change the color scheme of a room, and add a variety of textures.  

The great thing about interior stone veneer walls is they create such a contrast with other more normal interior wall coverings like drywall and wall paper, which gives them a magnetic quality in a space that captures your attention and doesn’t let go.  Fireplaces, entryways, and feature walls of just about every size, shape and location in a home are fantastic places where an interior stone wall can make an impact.  

At Surface Shop we encourage our customers think beyond the fireplace when it comes to using stone and look at places like hallways, stairways, powder rooms and other unique areas of your home to make a big impact.

Kalahari Dry Stack Ledgestone Used on an Interior/Exterior Stone Wall
Stone for Entryway Wall
Kalahari Dry Stack Interior Stone Wall Living Room with Floating Staircase
Stone Wall Living Room

An Interior Stone Wall in Just the Right Color

Color is an important variable when working on any stone project, and especially an interior wall project where the stone should really be considered a more permanent piece of the space.  

Surface Shop has curated our collections to focus mainly on neutral colors in the white / cream, beige/ tan, and grey / black color ranges which are ideal to help form the base color of space but can also adapt to different decorating schemes and lighting options to change the look of the space over time.  

An interior stone wall is an investment in the beauty of a space and one that will pay dividends for a lifetime and beyond.

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Whether you’re planning a retreat complete with kitchen, bar, and resort-like pool, or have your heart set on an inviting patio, walkway, or water feature, we have all your surfacing needs covered. 

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