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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer
Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer

Natural Stone Veneer

Our Stone Veneer lineup blends the classic beauty of traditional natural stone with the latest product and installation technology, making available a range of easy-to-install formats of stone veneer wall cladding – from Stacked Stone Panels to Large Format Linear Wall Cladding to Dry Stack Stone and everything in between, we have traveled the world to find the very best for your project. Whether you’re planning your dream home or an award winning commercial project, we have your stone veneer surfacing needs covered.

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Why these 6 styles?

Surface Shop’s Product Design & Sourcing Team have spent decades working with architects, designers, contractors, and developers refining various styles of stone veneer. We’ve seen it all. Armed with that knowledge, we have curated and optimized what we believe to be the very best range of styles and colors to meet the needs of today’s design minded discerning customers.  These styles include:

Charcoal Rock Panel Stone Veneer Panel
Speed + Style make this lineup a Go To resource among design professionals.

A product category born out of the thin stone revolution of the early 2000s, stone wall panels generally consist of cut pieces of natural stone that are glued or epoxied together into a standardized panel format that is highly calibrated and is designed to install similar to a tile.  This stone veneer comes in a variety of styles and textures ranging from dry stacked split face to modern honed panels.

Kit Dry Stack Ledge Stone Veneer
A Classic Reimagined with striking new stone varieties and a modern dry stack appearance.

This more traditional look consist of stone veneers that come in a loose format and are designed to be installed with little to no gapping between the individual stones.  Carefully selected color blends, shapes, and sizes,  along with traditional attention to detail during installation are the magic ingredients that make our Dry Stack Stone Veneer look classic and timeless.

Platinum PLANC Large Format Linear Stone Veneer
Our fastest new category, Linear has quickly become a top choice among modern architects.

These stone veneer products are all about creating a distinct linear look through the cut and design of the products themselves.  Linear stone veneer comes in a variety of finishes from the more modern inspired honed and polished surfaces to more traditional split face.  What all these products have in common is a focus on length over width.

Delos TERRAFORM Organic Style Stone Veneer
Timeless. Adored through the ages. TerraForm's new dry-fit appearance will never tire the eyes.

Incorporating many of the same elements as our dry stack ledgestones, TerraForm™ Stone Veneer is perfect for those projects that think beyond straight lines and tight dry fits.  Generally larger in size, TerraForm™ Stone Veneer is installed and then mortared in to create a unique multi-directional look.

Matteo All Clad Stone Four Stone Finishes
One Stone, Many Forms, Built for Walls & Floors Design Seamlessly with AllClad™.​

One of the beautiful things about stone is that it can be worked, cut, and fabricated into many different shapes, sizes, and finishes.  AllClad™ is a revolutionary system of Stone Tiles that offer many different finishes on the same underlying natural stone. This allows for seamless stone wall and floor applications.

Whitsunday Ashlar Stone Veneer
This classic pattern is made anew in a dry-fit setting with highly refined stone from around the world.

This stone veneer series builds on the concept of a loose ledgestone product akin to our Dry Stack Series, but modifies it into rough cut squares and rectangles of varying sizes that can be laid in a variety of either repeating or non repeating patterns. Choose Ashlar to add an artistic style to your project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Stone Veneer

There are three components to the cost of stone veneer:

  1. Materials Cost. The cost for natural stone veneer from Surface Shop can range anywhere from $10/sf to $25/sf depending on the type of stone veneer, the stone's origin, the density of the stone, and the rarity of the stone. All of these factors can be determining factors in the cost of the material. 
  2. Installation Cost. Installation costs will vary widely by region (for example Texas and Tennessee boast lower price points for stone veneer installation costs whereas New York tend toward the higher end) as well as the product's own natural learning curve. For example, a TERRAFORM™ cladding, which is the most complex stone veneer offered by Surface Shop, could cost 20% more than our DRY STACK Range or as much as 40-50% more than our Stacked Stone Panels Range. This is due exclusively to the complexity of the installation and the amount of time taken by the installer to complete the job.
  3. Maintenance Cost. Lastly, the cost of maintenance is a factor. Luckily when it comes to natural stone, maintenance costs tend to be low due to the fact that natural stone ages naturally vs manufactured stone, for example, which will show discoloration and fading, making those products look even less natural over time than they did the day they were installed.

For more detailed information on the cost of our products on your project, please Contact a Surface Shop Pro and we'll be glad to help you with pricing, samples, and availability.

With so many different options for Stone Veneer on the market, we often get asked how long will my Natural Stone Veneer last?


Unlike manufactured stone veneers, which often fade and degrade over time, one of the beautiful aspects of working with Natural Stone Veneer is that, with proper installation, it will easily last multiple generations. This is of course self-evident by taking a walk down any street in Europe, but for those of us who are building and designing residential and commercial properties, we want to be certain that the choices we make today are enduring.


The more nuanced answer to how long will my Natural Stone Veneer Last is that the porosity and durability of the underlying natural stone do have an impact on how well that stone will hold up over time. Very porous natural stone products, for example those made from poor quality slates, will not last very long in more demanding climates, like those in the Freeze/Thaw areas of the United States and Canada. In those climates, you will have better long term results with stone veneers that are less porous and more dense. 

Contrary to what many might think, not all Stone Veneers are made from Real Stone. Since about the mid 1990s, there has been a movement in United States Manufacturing to create Stone Veneers made from concrete or, even in some cases, foam.


These products, as you might imagine, do not have the same durability characteristics as  Stone Veneers made from real stone, but are often selected because consumers don't realize they have the option of selecting real stone veneer at a similar price point. When shopping for Stone Veneer, make sure you are aware of all of the differences between Faux Stone (manufactured stone) and Natural Stone.


We at Surface Shop only carry Natural Stone products because we believe the beauty and durability of working with natural materials brings value to any project in a way that manufactured stone simply cannot. Similar to using granite or marble for your kitchen countertops, using Natural Stone Veneer as your cladding of choice offers far better long term satisfaction and value to the project.

Depending on where you are in the country and where you are sourcing materials, Natural Stone Veneer can be either more or less than manufactured stone.


Current manufactured stone products tend to price out around $10-12/sf, and in some cases higher than that. Natural Stone Veneer, on the other hand, can have a wide range depending on the color, process of extraction, country of origin, and purchasing channel.


Because Natural Stone offers so much more value to a project than manufactured stone, there is no question that, even if Natural Stone is slightly higher than a given manufactured stone, selecting the Natural Stone alternative is the better long term option from a client satisfaction and value proposition standpoint.

White Quartz Rock Panels, Interior Stairwell Stone Veneer

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Below are series of hand selected color pallets to help simplify your search. Contact a Surface Shop Pro for Samples & Pricing once a selection has been made.

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Whether you’re looking for stone veneer in a more traditional split-face or dry stack product or are ready to challenge people’s perception of what natural stone is with our Linear or Stone Wall Panel products, Surface Shop has curated a collection of the finest stone veneer products from across the globe. 

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With decades of experience in the natural stone industry, the team at Surface Shop is meticulously detailed about our products, ensuring our veneers are of the highest quality, calibration, and suitability for use in a variety of applications ranging from exterior projects in highly demanding freeze thaw climates to submerged pool and fountain applications, and everything in between. Below are some of our most frequently specified products.

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