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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer


Dry Stack Ledgestone

Surface Shop’s Dry Stack Stone veneer wall cladding range pulls together a proprietary mix of colors and designs of dry stack stone which are perfectly suited for facades, fireplaces, feature walls and retaining walls. This range offers a rugged, natural and textural perspective on surface treatments.

Get to know our Dry Stack Stone Collection.

Costa Dry Stacked Ledgestone Wall | Exterior Residential
Kalahari Dry Stacked Ledgestone Wall | Exterior Residential
Costa Dry Stack Ledge Stone Stairwell Wall | Interior Residential
Kalahari Dry Stack Perimeter Stone Wall | Exterior Residential
Collins Dry Stack Ledgestone | Residential Facade
Costa Dry Stack Ledge Stone | Outdoor Fireplace
Collins Dry Stack Ledgestone | Exterior Wall
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Surface Shop's Guide to Dry Stacked Ledgestone

Dry Stack Stone Veneer is a traditional natural stone cladding product that Surface Shop is excited to offer.  This product comes as loose format material that is generally cut on the back to lay flat up against the wall and many of the products then also have rough cut shapes and sizes as part of the product mix.  This selective cutting is all with the design intent to create a product that comes in a loose format but can laid into a tight fitting, dry stack patterns.  

The dry stacked look is highly coveted among natural stone purists as its seen by many as the most technically advanced and beautiful look for loose stone to be installed in.

 Similar to how a highly calibrated marble tile can be laid with essentially no grout lines and offers up a superior look to a regular tile with big grout joints, the dry stack technique looks to minimize the space between any individual stones and keep the focus on the stone itself and the skill with which it is laid, not the mortar in between.  The dry stacked technique was previously only accomplished through skilled on site labor, where stone masons meticulously snap cut and chiseled away at pieces of natural stone to get them to fit together as tightly as possible.  Today, that detail work has been done for you with Surface Shop Dry Stack Stone Veneers coming in loose pieces that are designed and cut to fit together in a dry stack look.  

Dry Stack Stone Cladding Essentials

Our dry stack collection is comprised of the following materials: Granite, Limestone, Sedimentary Rock, Quartzite, and Slate. This highly curated, custom range of products provides a unique and current perspective on natural stone cladding. Each product is characterized as split on the face and sawn on the back. This allows for both ease of application on your substrate and an organic outward face. Secondly, our dry stack stone range comes with exceptional L-shaped corners to ensure that your corner details are perfect everytime.

loose ledgestone field pieces

Mortar vs Dry-Stacked

While the technical merits of Surface Shop’s dry stacked stone veneer are impressive what we think most people will love about the product is the colors and colors blends that make these products some of the most beautiful dry stacked stone on the market.  Surface shop literally has scoured the globe sourcing stone from quarries in 3 continents to curate this industry leading line up.  The shapes and sizes of the stones vary from one blend to the next, with some products like the Colton Blend taking on a more rectangular posture and others like the Byron blend showing off a more upright and closer to square geometry.  

The natural stone itself also shows off varying textures based on its natural cleft when split, ranging from relatively smooth flat faces to a heavy sand paper like finish, to linear striations, all of which are incredibly unique and something you’ll only get from a natural stone product.

Versatility & Suitability

The scale of dry stack stone veneer lends itself best to exterior and large scale interior installations with residential and commercial facades, garden and retaining walls, and large fireplaces being some of the most common applications of the product.  

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Dry Stack Stone products require more skill and time from an installation standpoint as compared to stone veneer wall panel systems.  Surface Shop Dry Stack Stone products have an inherent advantage over other loose stone veneer products as each product has been design with a rough cut sizing guide allowing the loose pieces to fit together with minimal cutting or chiseling.

With very few exceptions, Surface Shop Dry Stack Stone is a very robust product that can be used in a variety both interior and exterior applications, including in regions with freeze thaw temperatures.  Project applicability can be found in the product details section for each product.

Outside corners are available for Surface Shop Dry Stack Stone products, mainly as pre-cut 90 degree outside corners that are shaped right out of a larger block of stone.  Details on corners and other accessory products can be found in product details section on each individual product page.

Surface Shop does recommend expert installation for Dry Stack Stone Veneer products owing to the loose nature of the stone and intention of these products to be installed in a tight dry stack look.  A stone mason or tile setter with loose stone experience are recommended tradespeople to work with this product.

Find Inspiration

Whether you’re planning a magazine-worthy outdoor living scene with stone bar and grill, a resort-style pool, or have your heart set on a roaring fireplace or water feature, we have all your surfacing needs covered.  Take a look at our past projects and designs to find the product that’s right for you.

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Our Top Selling Ledgestone Nationwide

Below is a curated list of some of our top selling Dry Stack Stone Veneers selling nationwide. These products tend to offer a specialized color palette that works especially well in a multitude of project styles. 

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