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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer
Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer

Effortlessly Create Stunning Stacked Stone Feature Walls with Surface Shop's collection of Thin Veneers

If you’re searching for Stone Accent Wall Ideas, you’ve come to the right place. The foremost Architects, Interior Designers, and Custom Builders in the country regularly rely on Surface Shop’s collection of natural stone veneers to create stunning stone accent walls.

Silva Splitface Stacked Stone Feature Wall
Corisca Blend accents this Dining room Feature Wall

The Right Finishing Touches For Your Feature Wall

An often overlooked, but important detail to complete your Surface Shop feature wall stone installation is using the right kind of lighting. 

First, ensure your lighting is low-voltage and downward facing, so it “washes” down the wall, as opposed to a high wattage spot-facing. This will give your installation maximum texture and dimension. The principle is simple: If you use a spot-lighting, your wall will look flat;  downward facing lighting on the other hand, which washes down the wall, highlights dimension and texture.

Secondly, ensure all adjacent trim sits even with the thickest part of your stone veneer. This will ensure that the stone sits on the wall as a finish and does not show proud of any wood trim, which can create an unappealing look.

Lastly, if there are corners, make sure you use our highly calibrated corners to give your returns a beautiful finish from all angles. 

Why Use Stacked Stone For Your Accent Wall?

A true, natural stone feature wall gives any space, interior or exterior, a sense of elegance, authenticity, and beauty that is often unmatched by manmade materials. Think of the use of natural stone for countertops – The depth exhibited by marble, quartz, or granite cannot be matched by man-made products like quartz. No matter how good we are at manufacturing, we simply are unable to reproduce the natural beauty found in natural products

When’s the last time you saw such a wall in a home or office? Surface Shop’s unique collection of easy to install natural stone veneer panels make that concept a simple and cost-effective reality. 

Using a panel system like those found here at Surface Shop, interior stone feature wall installations become a breeze. Our highly calibrated natural stone panels install just like tile – no grout required, simply dry stack and stagger your panels, adhering each one to the wall using thinset (just like tile), and you’re done. With an installation profile that simple, a stone feature wall is simple, easy, and more cost effective than ever. Browse from over 12 different colors styles of Stacked Stone Wall Panels.

Textured Charcoal Rock Panel Feature Wall
Charcoal Stacked Stone Panel Corner
Roland Veneer L Shaped Corner 1

Don't sacrifice on quality. Corner accessories make all the difference.

We know how essential the details are when it comes to natural stone installations – That’s why Surface Shop focuses so intently on finding the right corner solutions for your project. The last thing you want to have happen on your Stone Feature Wall project is that, when you get to a corner, you don’t have a thorough, well-thought-out plan. Be sure to check out the various corner options we’ve selected for each material. 

Create a Beautiful Stone Accent Wall Exterior

Exterior Stone Accent Walls, used correctly, enhance your architecture unlike no other building material.

Exterior Accent Walls have never been easier

Accent walls can also be a tasteful addition to a house exterior, adding curb appeal and character to plain stucco elevations.

Because natural stone can come in so many varieties, colors, and textures, a skilled use can offer warmth and coziness to earthy architectural designs; or, it can provide clean, crisp lines to enhance modern architecture.

Natural Stone is Eco Friendly by Origin

Natural Stone has one of the lowest lifecycle costs of any building material. This durability characteristic makes it the ideal choice for residential architects for home exteriors.

When comparing two homes side by side, you’ll immediately notice the difference between those that use natural materials like stone and those that opt for manmade products.

Design Unforgettable Interior Spaces
using Natural Stone Feature Walls

Stone accents are the timeless touch that can elevate the ambiance of any interior. Their natural allure blends elegance with earthly charm, making them an ideal choice for a range of decors.

When incorporating natural stone into interior design, focus on texture, color, and story. With so many options available today, you’re sure to find one that suits polished or rustic designs.

Natural stone accent walls showcase the beauty of real stone, offering a respite from the consistency of manmade materials. Its natural variations usher in a genuine touch of nature to the interior.

A Stunning Living Room Stone Accent Wall with a TV

Integrating an accent wall with a TV blends design and functionality, adding rich visual texture to the viewing experience. Pictured here: Ochre Blend Rock Panels.

Try a Stone Accent Walls for a Basement Transformation

Transforming a basement with stone accents can elevate it from a mere storage space to an extremely stylish retreat.
Pictured here: Sun Valley Ashlar

Stone Wall Accents for Entrways

In an entryway with plenty of space, stone accents mix with modern materials, offering authentic texture and design.
Pictured here: Delos TerraForm™ Irregular Stone Cladding.

Make Your Bathroom Stand Out

Master Bathrooms are uniquely personal spaces in home design. Using stone here can make your morning routines feel luxurious.
Pictured here: Matteo AllClad™ in Honed Finish.

FAQ's & Other Commonly Requested Resources

Stone Accent Wall FAQ's

Installing stone on an accent wall in many cases will be as simple as installing tile. For example, our Linear and Stone Panel collections can easily be installed by a tile setter or by a DIY homeowner.


Our Loose Stone Masonry products, on the other hand, will require the skill of a craftsman, which in the industry is called a mason. Masons are artists that are able to take the same stone and create two or more completely unique and original applications with it.

The cost of a stone accent wall is a function of three primary items:

  1. Size and complexity of your wall. This often drives the cost of materials by simple math - a 100sf feature wall will be less than a 500sf feature wall. Likewise, if your installation will require a mason to set up 2 story scaffolding, it will cost more than a tile setter installing a typical 9' high wall with one of our easy-installation products.
  2. Material Choice. Of course, not all materials cost the same. Natural Stone pricing is often driven by country of origin, level of manufacturing complexity, and shipping weight.
  3. Labor Selection. As mentioned in the FAQ above, a tile setter will typically cost less than a mason. So if you've selected one of our easy-install products, then you can select a tile setter. If you've selected a masonry product, then you'll need a mason, which typically will cost a little more.


For pricing on the various materials we offer, contact a Surface Shop Pro via phone or email, and we'll help guide you on pricing and selection.

While design is generally a subjective experience (what looks good to you vs what looks good to others), what many great design professionals know that the average person does not is that we all know bad design when we see it, and we all know good design when we see it.

Good design seeks to offer harmony, bad design disregards it. This means that colors shouldn't clash, and should ultimately conform to a grand color scheme for the project.


Good designs works with the natural habitat, not against it. Truly great architects that design from the ground up first spend time on the land, understanding the local habit, the vantage points, and the colors that surround the future property. She will then design to find harmony with these key attributes. Bad design often disregards the surrounding -- That might be a hyper modern box structure in a classic neighborhood, for example, or a flashy colored home in a beautiful woodsy area.


If you don't already have a designer or architect, any Surface Shop Pro will be able to provide you with guidance on which products fit best for your scenario.

Natural Stone Accent Walls, when done correctly, are timeless. There are so many different colors and styles of veneer that, surely, some products will go out of style. But with such a wide selection here at Surface Shop, if this is a concern of yours, we'll make sure to steer you in the direction of some of our timeless favorites -- all of which are built the Surface Shop Way, which means the details are sharp, the colors are good, and the finished product will be outstanding.

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