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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer
Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer

Exterior Stone Veneer
Makes a Tremendous Difference in Curb Appeal

Adding our exterior stone veneer to your house is a guaranteed way to turn heads. Regardless of whether you prefer a timeless classic look or a pristine modern finish, our exterior stone wall panels will give your home that extra flare.

Surface Shop Sun Valley Ashlar Limestone natural stone wall veneer used on exterior accents of a high end residential with large paver driveway

Outdoor Stone Veneer: More Isn’t Always Better

So often it can be daunting to design with natural stone, but rest assured this material is accessible to all clients of all budget ranges. The key is how you incorporate the stone veneer, not how much.

Oftentimes, tasteful accent walls that are well-placed on an exterior facade, or interior feature wall, can have maximum impact on a project. As you’re designing through your project, think about the interaction points between the inhabitants of this project and the structure itself, and focus your attention and budget for natural stone there. As a bonus, combine these features with well placed lighting to take your project to the next level during dusk and evening hours.

Lastly, make sure that you’re choosing complimentary colors when selecting real stone for your exterior project. Consider adjacent finishes such as stucco, wood materials used under your eaves, and paving – All of these materials have a part to play in creating the overall impression of a project. Design Tools like mood boards are a fantastic way to hone in your project’s color pallet during the design phase. Contact our team of Surface Shop Pros to help with your project today.

Rock Facing Adds Solidity and Authenticity to your home.

The durability of natural stone veneer for exterior cladding is without question the number one reason architects have used natural stone as an exterior building product for millennia. 

Over time, however, even as building materials advanced, natural stone has continued to be the preferred choice for exterior cladding because of the way it grounds a project, ensuring that the project or structure “feels” organic and natural to those that interact with it. For example, this is emphasized most when walking across a path of natural stone pavers – the weight and solidness of the stone can be felt underfoot. 

As the most common building materials have become manufactured, and are no longer natural, they often lose this natural effect. That is why purists, like architects and designers, whether working on a residential or commercial project, have come to insist on using combinations of natural materials in their designs, rather than faux stone panels.

Surface Shop Charcoal XL dark grey natural stone wall veneer used on the exterior of a high end home flanking the sliding glass doors and large window leading out onto a deck
Charcoal Stacked Stone Panel Corner
Roland Veneer L Shaped Corner 1

Practical Considerations for Using Stone Cladding on Exterior Walls

Steer clear of corrosive cleaning agents, salt, or other chemicals on your exterior stone installation as they may potentially harm the finish and color of the natural stone material. Sealing your installation with a water based, penetrating sealer post installation is good practice as it will guard the stone finish from contaminants over time.

Stone Veneer Siding in a Variety of Colors and Textures

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to building a decorative stone wall exterior, which is why we have such a varied range of natural stone siding for you to choose from. Regardless of your style of home or preferred color, our carefully-selected offering is bound to have something that matches your taste. Unsure which style would work best for your home? Reach out to our team and we would be happy to give you some stunning ideas.

This superbly designed contemporary residence features a custom cut of our smooth, sawn-cut Platinum Large Format Stone Siding, which contrasts beautifully with the adjacent linear white brick columns and black privacy screen.

This is a beautiful example of subtly using our Niko white stone veneer for your home exterior, in this case as veneer over the garage and on the landscape walls. Exterior stone accents can be a classy, decorative addition to enhance your outdoor living space.

For a timeless and elegant look, our Sun Valley Ashlar Limestone is the perfect decorative stone for an exterior wall where rich, cream tones are required. High contrast materials, like our Tahitian Black Split Chipped Stone Tile, can be a compliment, for example on this water feature.

Combining our Black Stone Veneer Panels with a grand floor-to-eave glass entry, black window trim, and grey horizontal siding builds on an already on-trend color pallet, which contrast gracefully against the forest backdrop surrounding this home in Eugene, OR.

Exterior Stone FAQs

Answers to your Questions

Surface Shop's range of Stone Veneers are quarried and produced in many regions around the world, so their pricing will vary by color and style. Volume discounts are also available.


For budgeting purposes, our products typically range from $15-30/sf, making them an ideal selection for exterior renovation and new build environments.


Inquire with us for more detailed pricing and/or a local distributor.

Yes, Surface Shop's range of Stacked Stone Panels and other Stone Veneers are made from 100% natural stone, typically Basalt, Quartz, Limestone, Marble, and Granite.

Yes, all Surface Shop Products have been tested meticulously to ASTM C67 and C666 standards to ensure their durability and suitability for exterior freeze-thaw climates.

At our core, we celebrate natural materials. That's why all of our products are carefully crafted from unique natural stones from around the world.


However, not all natural stones are equal. Our sourcing team focuses exclusively on sourcing only the most highly durable and cost effective products, which you can count on to perform over the life of your project.

There are several considerations for determining how you'll install thin stone veneer on an exterior wall:

  1. Are you using a modular system, like our Stacked Stone Panels, or a loose laid masonry installation system, like our Ashlar, Dry Stack, or TerraForm™ veneers?
  2. Are you going for a groutless look, also known as Dry Fit, or are you looking to have mortar joints?
  3. What kind of substrate are you working with? Is it cement board over frame, or pre-existing brick or block?

Once you have a plan for the above considerations, head over to our installation guide page, How to Install Natural Stone Veneers.

As we often explain in the course of working with our clients, when it comes to maintenance, your "mileage will vary." The reason for this is that all natural products experience different densities, porosities, and molecular makeup - Even from lot to lot.


Furthermore, maintenance will vary from application to application - A natural stone floor, which experiences high traffic, will vary differently than one which experiences low traffic. Furthermore, a highly dense Basalt will wear differently than a slightly less dense Limestone or Marble - And, finally, the same stone will wear differently from floor to wall.


At Surface Shop, we celebrate these differences. This is the beauty of working with natural products -- Your choices are not just based on color and texture now, but require forethought into how you want this material to wear over time, and how that can grow into your project. Picture yourself walking into a small cafe, built into an ancient building in Paris or Rome - The walls and floors, which were made of stone, will have patina'd over time and look weather-worn. But this juxtaposes beautifully against a modern backdrop. You simply cannot buy this look, you have to find it.


So, it's important to have the right expectation up front when it comes to natural stone maintenance. Ask a Surface Shop Pro what to expect for the maintenance of your individual project and stone choice.

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