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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer
Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer


Natural Stone Linear Wall Cladding

Designed to accentuate linear proportions and ratios, Surface Shop’s Linear Wall Cladding collection is a mix of various types of natural stones in a range of formats and sizes ranging from mosaic to large format cladding.

Surface Shop brings you: Linear Walling.

Sun Valley STRATA™ Linear Stone Siding
Platinum & Graphite PLANC™ Linear Stone Siding
Platinum PLANC™ Large Format Wall Cladding
Platinum PLANC™ Straight Stacked Wall Veneer
Grey Basalt LYNIA™ Outdoor Courtyard
Grey Basalt LYNIA™ Contemporary Fireplace
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Large Format Options

Built to generous scale, Surface Shop’s PLANC™ & STRATA™ Range yield breathtaking and expansive style. At 31.5” in length, each tile stretches well beyond typical finish dimensions found in the stone industry, ensuring that each project using it will truly stand out. Each tile set is supplied as 3 loose strips so patterns and staggers will be unique to each individual installation. Ideally suited for Fireplaces, Facades, Landscape Walls, and anywhere a large format linear appearance is desired.

Medium Format Options

In our Medium Format category, the LYNIA™ Tile Collection reigns supreme. This preformatted mosaic strip cladding system uses a powerful combination of design, technology, and extraordinary stone. Cut from large slabs of hand-selected marbles and cooled basaltic lava rock, LYNIA™ Tiles are then honed down to a silky smooth finish, before they are mesh-mounted in a running, linear fashion.

Contemporary, Clean, Still Authentic Stone.
Experience Linear Stone Veneer.

Surface Shop's Guide to Linear Wall Cladding

Surface Shop’s Linear Wall Cladding collection looks to move beyond the traditional loose dry stack and stacked stone panel concepts and bring natural stone products to the market that embrace a more current and design forward philosophy.  

The focus of the Linear Wall Cladding collection is to embrace big ratios between the length and width, creating products that are long and linear, which will style walls in ways that stretch them rather than shorten them. 

The Linear Wall Cladding collection includes a range of products scaled to all varieties of different applications.  



The Lynia products max out their strips at 12″ long and about 2.4″ tall, making this interlocking mesh mounted medium format mosaic tile ideally suited for backsplashes and other small to medium format applications.  

The Planc collection of products test the upper limits of how big adhered stone veneer products can be made, maxing out at 31.5″ long and 5.5″ tall, which makes Planc perfect for both residential and commercial exterior facade work and all types of medium to larger format applications.  

While these two products are very different in size, they both embody the stretched out linear ratios of this unique product series.

Linear Natural Stone is Redefining the Cladding Markets

Long and skinny isn’t just a trend in fashion, there’s a big movement embracing the same ratios in surfaces design as well.  Surface Shop’s Linear Wall Cladding collection was created specifically with this look and design philosophy in mind.  The over arching concept of all the products in this collection is a longer length to width ratio, resulting in the characteristic long linear look that stretches the eye and stretches the wall to new dimensions in design.  Linear doesn’t always mean big either, with medium format products like Surface Shop Lynia Interlocking Tiles embracing the linear design concept while still maintaining a scale suitable for small to medium sized applications.

Platinum Planc linear large format stone siding

Finish Options

In terms of finish, the long ratios of the Linear Wall Cladding collection lends itself nicely to surface finishes more commonly associated with modern design liked polished and honed.  However, part of what we think makes the Linear Wall Cladding collection so appealing is the wide variety of finishes and colors we have available in this range including natural stone cleft and rougher textures like sand blasted and star dust which create a beautiful contrasting element of a highly calibrated product with a natural finish.


Color and Stone Varieties

Available in a range of neutral colors, the Linear Wall Cladding collection products have natural stone types including Basalt, Marble, Lavastone, and Middle East Limestone.  A deliberate focus on a neutral color range in this series allows the design of the products themselves to take center stage.


Vertical and Horizontal Orientations

An important design element of the Linear Wall Cladding Series which makes these products even more versatile is remembering that the linear nature of the products is ultimately in the eye of the beholder.  A traditional horizontal orientation is the dominant design theory for how these products can be used, but they can be even perhaps more effective and create a bigger impact when used in a vertical orientation or other pattern.  The linear nature of these products invites forward thinking design and trying ideas outside of the norm to create exceptional results.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, all Surface Shop Linear Stone Veneer products are made from natural stone.  Many Linear Stone Veneer products have a flat surface where the natural stone has either been saw cut or honed and polished for a more modern and contemporary look.  Other linear products retain the characteristic split face look of natural stone.

Many Surface Shop Linear Stone Veneer products come with outside corner units as the main accessory to the field unit.  Some products, because of the way they are shaped and their finish, do not require corner units and detail on how to handle outside corners can be found in the spec sheet and product details section of each product.

With limited exceptions, Linear Stone Veneer products can be installed in both exterior and interior applications, including in both freeze /thaw climates as well as projects where the stone is subject to, or even submerged in water.  Refer to the product details section on each product for a full run down of any limitations specific to certain colors of linear stone veneer.

It's easiest to think of Linear Stone Veneer products as being very similar to wall tile in terms of installation.  The proper is substrate is cementious, such as cement board, brick, block, lathe + scratch cat, etc.  The veneer is installed to the substrate using polymer modified thinsets.  Full details on installing linear stone veneer products can be found on the individual product details section of each product.

Find Inspiration

Surface Shop’s Linear collection offers an exceptional style not found elsewhere in the industry. Have a look through our past projects to find the right product for you. Whether you’re planning an exterior residential or commercial facade, a stunning entryway feature, landscape walls, or fireplace, we’ve got your hard surfacing needs covered.

Our Top Selling Linear Styles

Below is a short list of some of our top selling Linear Styles nationwide. These cladding products are especially relevant, either due to their unique features or attractive price, that makes them winners across a variety of markets and project styles. 

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