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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer
Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer


Natural Stone Tiles
for Walls & Floors

Design your project like a Pro with AllClad™ Natural Stone Tiles. Three colors, Six Finishes, endless Possibilities.

AllClad™ is a revolutionary new Stone Tile System that allows you to design completely seamless environments by using the same stone, just hand-crafted into different finishes.

Design Effortlessly with AllClad™

Matteo AllClad™ Honed Natural Stone Tile

Natural Stone Tiles for Walls

Browse our selection of AllClad™ Stone Tile options for Walls below. Each Stone Type (Luna, Matteo, and Tahitian Black) are crafted with numerous finishes in mind for your walls. Tiles are cut to a 16″ tall x 24″ long format, but made available in custom sizes for projects with sufficient lead-time. Surface Shop’s AllClad™ Stone Tile Range is the perfect compliment to any interior or exterior wall where a textured finish or a refined style are desired.

Luna AllClad™ Limestone | 5 Finishes Available

Sierra AllClad™ Limestone | 4 Finishes Available

Dune AllClad™ Limestone | 4 Finishes Available

Bordeaux AllClad™ Limestone | 4 Finishes Available

Calypso AllClad™ Limestone | 4 Finishes Available

Gaia AllClad™ Limestone | 4 Finishes Available

Matteo AllClad™ Limestone | 5 Finishes Available

Tahitian AllClad™ Basalt | 4 Finishes Available

Browse our curated Selection of Interior & Exterior Natural Stone Floor Tiles

This curated subset of AllClad™ Floor Tiles will bring beauty and character to any horizontal surface. For Interior Stone Tile Flooring, we recommend Honed and Brushed finishes; for exterior flooring, such as patio walkouts, garden steps, pool decks, or any other outdoor living flooring application, we recommend Sandblasted, Brushed, and Tumbled. Contact your Surface Shop Pro for questions on which product is right for you.

Available in Exterior Pavers

Available for Interiors

One Stone, Many Forms. Built for Walls & Floors.
Design Seamlessly with AllClad™

A Revolutionary Stone Tile Cladding System

AllClad™ is highly versatile Stone Tile Cladding series, made from a unique subset of natural stones selected for strength and beauty, which can be used in multiple finishes and formats in the same space. Previously reserved only for the highest end projects and architects, Surface Shop is offering this class of versatility to all projects who wish to use the AllClad™ Series. 

Each of our finishes has a unique texture and appearance, making it perfect for different design applications. Certain textures are best kept to walls – For example, Linear Raked, Fine Chiseled, and Split Chipped. While others are best on floors – Tumbled for example. Finally, there are numerous cross-over finishes for walls or floors – For example, Honed, Sandblasted, Brushed, Flamed. 

Whether you’re looking for a smooth, polished surface or a more rugged, natural look, AllClad has you covered.

AllClad™ Stone Tiles start at 16″ Tall x 24″ Wide with a minimum thickness of 1cm. If a Splitface Option is available in your selected stone, then it will be formatted to 4″ Tall x Random Lengths.

With AllClad™, designers, architects, and builders can create a truly seamless environment that flows from walls to floors and beyond. This means a perfect match, every time.


Matteo AllClad™ 16" x 24" Stone Tiles in Three Finishes Plus 4" Splitface

AllClad™ Natural Stone Tiles Create Continuity Between Walls & Floors

One of the key features of top level architectural projects throughout the world is a seamless, coherent transition between natural stone applications – From Facades, to Fireplaces, to Step Treads, and Exterior Tiles, the more consistent one can be with a hardy and beautiful natural stone, the more elevated the final outcome of the project.

In creating AllClad™, Surface Shop worked tirelessly with quarries and factories around the world to create a highly versatile set of finishes and formats that enables everyday projects to take this approach to elevate their projects. The results are stunning.

Maya All Clad Stone Four Stone Finishes 2

Finish Options

Each AllClad™ Stone is meticulously vetted to determine the different ways the material can receive a finish. 

Most of our materials will include the following finish options: (1) Honed, (2) Brushed/Leathered, (3) Sandblasted, (4) Cashmere, (5) Fine Chiseled, (6) Linear Raked, (7) Split Chipped, and (8) Splitfaced.

Not all stones will be available in all finishes. Contact a Surface Shop Pro to see what’s available in your desired AllClad™ Stone.

Color and Stone Varieties

Available in a range of neutral colors, the AllClad™ Collection currently focuses on 3 different stone types, two of which are limestone, and one of which is Basalt. Limestone is a miraculous product that can bring together gorgeous natural diversity, such as fossils or veins, while Basalt tends offers a much cooler, grey profile that has subtle up/down variation, but which is mostly consistent.

Which Finish is for Walls? Which is for Floors?

With AllClad™, certain finishes are best suited to walls while others are best suited to floors. Here’s a handy guide to show which is which.

Suitable Finishes For Walls

Honed, Brushed, Sandblasted, Cashmere, Fine Chiseled, Linear Raked, Split Chipped, and Splitface

Suitable Finishes For Floors

Honed (Interior Only), Brushed, Sandblasted, Cashmere and Tumbled

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, all Surface Shop AllClad™ products are made from 100% natural stone. 

With limited exceptions, AllClad™ products can be installed in both exterior and interior applications, including in both freeze /thaw climates as well as projects where the stone is subject to, or even submerged in water.  Refer to the product details section on each product for a full run down of any limitations specific to certain colors of AllClad™ Stone Tiles.

It's easiest to think of AllClad™ products as being very similar to wall tile in terms of installation.  The proper substrate is cementitious, such as cement board, brick, block, lathe + scratch cat, etc.  The veneer is installed to the substrate using polymer modified thinset.  Full details on installing linear stone veneer products can be found on the individual product details section of each product.

Find Inspiration

Surface Shop’s AllClad™ collection offers an exceptional style not found elsewhere in the industry. Have a look through our past projects to find the right product for you. Whether you’re planning an exterior residential or commercial facade, a stunning entryway feature, landscape walls, or fireplace, we’ve got your hard surfacing needs covered.

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Our Top Selling AllClad™ Wall Styles

Below is a short list of some of our top selling AllClad™ Styles nationwide. These cladding products are especially relevant, either due to their unique features or attractive price, that makes them winners across a variety of markets and project styles. 

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