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Surface Shop’s collection of Ashlar Stone Veneers offers a stunning array of dimensional cut and random chop styles, giving your project the latest rectilinear masonry style from around the world. 

Get to know our Ashlar Stone Cladding Collection.

Sun Valley Ashlar Facade | Exterior Residential
Whitsunday Ashlar Facade | Exterior Commercial
Golden Harvest Ashlar Seat Wall | Exterior Residential
Whitsunday Ashlar Accent Wall | Interior Residential
Sun Valley Ashlar Facade | Exterior Residential
Grey Savory Ashlar Landscape Wall | Exterior Residential
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The Surface Shop Guide to Ashlar Stone Veneer

Ashlar stone cladding is a classic and elegant look in the stone veneer world. Drawing on inspiration from both Terraform™ stone cladding, where the stones come in irregular shapes resulting in a mosaic style look, and Dry Stack Ledgestone products, where stones are cut in certain specific dimensions to fit together in a tight, non-mortared linear installation, Ashlar mixes longer rectilinear pieces which are periodically broken up by tall vertical blocks. 

Ashlar Veneer consists mainly of rough squares and rectangular shapes of stones, each of which are sawn cut on the back and rough chiseled on all remaining sides, including the face.  With aesthetics and geometry in mind, the installer should take care to use pieces that fit within a designated pattern during their installation.  Once set, the stones are mortared in place, similar to a traditional ledgestone or brick type application. 

The Art of Ashlar

Ashlar Wall Cladding draws inspiration from the tight fitting look of Dry Stack Ledgestone. the mortared in look of Free Form stone veneer, and the predictable sizing and shapes of stacked stone panel products.  Essentially a mix of rough cut squares and rectangles, Ashlar is designed to be laid and then mortared in place.  The size and shapes of the individual pieces allows this product to be laid in a loosely repeating or non repeating pattern. 

Ashlar Loose Laid

Whitsunday White Ashlar Cladding

Styles, Patterns, and Techniques

While the focus of a Dry Stack Ledgestone installation might mainly entail minimizing all seams and achieving the tightest possible fit, Ashlar installations instead look for a clearer focus on selecting the right shape and size stone to create, extend, or duplicate the pattern on the wall.  

Ashlar Stone Cladding is unique in that it crosses genre between both traditional looking stacked stone, owing to its rough cut sides and face texture, yet has a distinctly modern twist to it with the geometric shapes and corresponding design.  A repeating pattern can be used or the stones laid at random to tone up or bring down a modern patterned-like feel.  No matter how its laid, Ashlar stone cladding is sure to enhance the beauty and style of any wall project.

Designing with Ashlar

Surface Shop’s Ashlar Stone Cladding comes in a range of sizes, colors, and stone types.  The medium to large format nature of Ashlar products makes them ideally suite for exterior work on both residential and commercial projects, however the product does also scale in well on interior applications like fireplaces and larger scale feature walls.  Similar to our Linear Wall Cladding collection, the Ashlar color range tends to focus on the neutral and earth color ranges, letting the pattern and style in which the stone itself is laid take center stage.

Texture is an important element of Ashlar Stone Cladding. The rough cut nature of the shape of this product lends itself to the natural splitface finish on the face of the stones.  The stone types will vary from quartzite to limestone to sandstone, each of which has a unique surface texture with varying degrees of roughness across the face.   

Colby Landscape Stone Wall

Find Inspiration

Whether you’re designing an Ashlar Fireplace and Chimney, an inviting garden with stone landscaping walls, or a luxury home with a stone facade, we have all your surfacing needs covered. 

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Below is a short list of top selling veneers from our Ashlar Stone Collection, which we think might be worth zeroing in on. These tend to work in a variety of applications and regions because they have a unique color mix that makes them particularly relevant and stylish.

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