Grey Savoy

Multicolored Ashlar Style Natural Stone

Ashlar Stone Veneer Pattern

Ashlar Stone Veneer Collection

Part of our Ashlar Stone Veneer Collection, Grey Savoy is as unique as it is elusive. Quarried from exotic riverbed quarries in mainland Southeast Asia, this balanced blend of quartizitic sedimentary rock contains a rich blend of light and medium grey tones with orange and blush colored accents. Perfectly suited for spaces where a warm grey display in Ashlar is desired.

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Grey Savoy, which is from exotic riverbed quarries in mainland Southeast Asia, is crafted from a bright and appealing blend of medium to light greys with occassional hints of oranges and blush colored accents. It is a gorgeous choice for any application where a warm grey palette in Random Ashlar is desired.

Weight < 15 lbs/sf
Dimensions Variable Squares & Recs – Contact your Surface Shop representative for details.
Exterior Rated Exterior Rated for Sun Belt States, Interior Rated in Northern Freeze/Thaw Climates
Stone Type Quartzitic Sedimentary Rock with Mica content.
Care Info Standard Natural Stone Care in most uses cases – If exterior in moist environment or interior in a high wear zone such as a backsplash, use a stone sealer for maximum protection and performance
Color Description Light and Mediums greys, oranges and blush colored accents.
Corners See Installation Page for further details.