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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer
Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer


Stacked Stone Veneer Wall Panels

Streamline the installation of any natural stacked stone wall or project using our innovative stone veneer panels.

Stacked Stone Has Never Been Easier.

Ochre XL Rock Panels | Santa Rosa, CA
Graphite AKSENT™ Panels | Denver CO
Charcoal Stacked Stone Rock Panels | Hamptons, NY
Silva Splitface Stacked Stone Rock Panels | Miami, FL
White Quartz Stacked Stone Rock Panels | Sarasota, FL
Ochre Blend Rock Panels | Denver, CO
Silva Honed Stacked Stone Panels | NY, NY
Grey Basalt AKSENT™ 3D Panels | Hamptons, NY
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Surface Shop's Guide to Stone Veneer Wall Panels

Types & Finishes

Surface Shop Stacked Stone Wall Panels come in a variety of different finishes, colors, thicknesses and panel formats. The one thing these 3D wall panels have in common is that they are all made from natural stone, which means you are not compromising the authentic look, feel and durability that only a natural stone product can provide.  Whether it’s the subtle sparkle of our White Rock Panel or the beautiful veining of Silva Limestone, these natural stone products are distinctly unique and offer a look that simply cannot be replicated with manmade materials, making them excellent choices for accent walls, retaining walls, and more.

Train Your Eye for the Details

What makes Surface Shop’s stacked stone wall panel collection unique is that all of our stone panels are designed by a licensed professional designer with the goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing product, not just simply gluing loose stone together into a panel. We sweat the details like what size the individual stones should be, where the different stone sizes are placed within the panel, and what the thicknesses should be to create great looking finished projects.  The panels are then crafted and calibrated to make products that we are proud to share with you and know you’ll be ecstatic to have on your fireplace, feature wall, or facade.

The Panel Advantage

Surface Shop’s Stacked Stone  Wall Panel range has a nominal thickness  less than 1.75″, resulting in a natural stone veneer product that is 15lbs or less per square foot. This key attribute allows our panel systems to be installed quickly and easily using setting materials and without the need for mechanical fastening. Stacked Stone Wall Panels are designed to adhere to cementious surfaces such as cement board, brick, block or a prepared metal lathe + scratch coat. Industry leading calibration on the panels means these products can be installed seamlessly, very similar to wall tile.  Most panel system products have outside corner units available in different configurations to allow for all varieties of application details to be met.

Charcoal Stacked Stone Panel Diagram

Ease of Installation

Installation of the stacked stone wall panels is meant to be easy because we’ve done the hard work for you by curating the color blend and assembling the stones into a product that cuts, sets, and installs more similar to wall tile than to hand stacked loose stone. t

Project Versatility

One of the things that make Surface Shop Stacked Stone Wall Panels so appealing is the variety of projects they can be used on and the ease with which a panel system can transform the look and feel of a space in just a couple hours.  Cover up an outdated brick fireplace, add a super unique kitchen backsplash, build that pizza oven in your backyard or transform the entire look of your home with a wainscoat.  Commercially these products have been used on almost every project imaginable, ranging from hotels, casinos and restaurants to office build outs, multi family projects and even concert halls.  Browse Surface Shop’s stacked stone wall panels and find the right product for your next project.

Accessories are Key

Accessory products to stacked stone wall panels like outside corner units and natural ends are also an important part of many installations.  Click on individual Surface Shop stacked stone wall panel products to learn more about what accessories are unique and available for each product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stone Veneer Wall Panels are designed to be installed very similar to other types of wall tile, over a cementious substrate and using a polymer modified thinset.  See the specific installation guides for each product for expanded details on the installation of these products.

Stone Veneer Wall Panel Products are made from cut pieces of natural stone that have been fit and glued together into a highly calibrated panel that is designed to be easy to install.  Loose stone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and has a similar installation process to a panel system product, but the installation is more adaptive to making the loose pieces fit together.

Surface Shop Stone Veneer Wall Panel Systems come with a range of accessories including outside corner units.  Corner Units will vary in design based on the product they complement, ranging from interlocking finger jointed corners to dual end overlapping corners.  Learn more about what accessories are available by selecting a product and reviewing the product details. 

With very few exceptions, Surface Shop Stone Veneer Wall Panels can be installed in both interior and exterior projects, including in climates subject to freeze/ thaw cycles, as well as in applications that are in or around water such as pools and fountains.

Find Inspiration

Dream big with the Surface Shop line of Stacked Stone Wall Panels. We’ve got tons of colors, styles, and price points to offer, and inside you’ll see an extensive library of past projects to help you find that exact right product to fit your design. Go forth, enjoy, and contact a Surface Shop Pro for samples, pricing, and availability for your project. 

Our Top Selling Stacked Stone Veneer Panels

Below is a hand-picked short list of Stacked Stone Panels that the Surface Shop Team sells most often nationwide. These panels have a particular color or price point that makes them especially attractive and useful across a multitude of regions and project styles.

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