Large Format Modern Limestone Veneer

Linear Walling Collection

Linear Wall Cladding Collection

Part of our Linear Styles, Halo is a highly versatile, large-format natural stone veneer made from a rare freeze/thaw stable limestone. Its base color is soft and cool with light intonations and frequent fossil formations.

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One of our most highly anticipated releases 0f 2021, Halo brings together soft but complex neutral tones with stunning fossil formations that will have you falling in love with your walls in no time. Ideal for residential and commercial siding, landscape walls, sweeping feature walls, and interior fireplaces.

Weight 12.5lbs / sf
Dimensions 3 Pieces: 5.5″ Tall, 3.4″ Tall, and 2.1″ Tall x 30.5″ Long
Exterior Rated ASTM C67 Tested & Approved, rated for exterior freeze/thaw
Stone Type Hardy Limestone
Care Info Standard Natural Stone Care in some uses cases – For example, if interior in a high wear zone such as a backsplash, use a non-color enhancing stone sealer is recommended.
Color Description Light Neutral Cream as base color with warm and cool intonations as well as frequent fossil formation.
Corners Mitered on site, or cut and finger-jointed. See Installation Page for further details.