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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer
Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer

Why Use Surface Shop Ledgestone for Fireplaces?

Ledgestone, as a style, is defined as a natural stone veneer with a linear oriented, three-dimensional ledge-like profile. It’s a popular design choice for fireplaces because it comes in a variety of colors, shapes and offers a relaxed but rugged look with nice texture without overburdening the look of the fireplace. Surface Shop has been making industry leading, architectural grade ledgestone for fireplaces and all manner of wall applications for close to 20 years, ranging from easy to install panel systems to bespoke mason fit loose stone, all with outside corner pieces and other important accessories. Here, we’ve laid out all things to help you create the perfect ledgestone fireplace. Interested in other formats for your fireplace? Head over to our Stone Fireplace Gallery instead.

XL Ochre Blend Rock Panels used on a compact fireplace
Ledgestone Fireplace | Ochre XL Stacked Stone Panel

Durability and Longevity of Ledgestone

Ledgestone stands as an ideal material for fireplace construction due to its remarkable durability and longevity. This natural stone is inherently resilient, easily withstanding high temperatures and the rigors of daily use, ensuring your fireplace wall remains a centerpiece of your living space for years. 

Beyond its endurance, Ledgestone’s installation process adds to its appeal. Although it requires precision and care, a Surface Shop stone veneer installation can be a rewarding DIY project when selecting from one of our Stone Panel products, or a flawless finish easily handled by a masonry professional when selecting from one of our Drystack Ledgestones. 

Versatility in Design and Customization

Ledgestone offers an extraordinary spectrum of natural colors, ranging from earthy browns and subtle grays to vibrant rust tones and even hints of blues and greens. This rich palette of hues provides immense flexibility in design, allowing for a seamless integration with any room’s color scheme or creating a striking contrast for a bold statement. 

Beyond color, the variation in Ledgestone’s sizes and shapes opens up a world of design choices. Whether you prefer a traditional stacked arrangement that our Stacked Stone Wall Panel Series enables or a more eclectic, patterned approach, that you’ll find in our Drystack Ledgestone and TerraForm Series, the distinctiveness of each stone enables you to craft a truly unique and personalized look. 

Grey Ledgestone Fireplace in Center of Living Room with Wood Ceiling Beams
Charcoal Ledgestone Panels Used for an Interior Living Room Centerpiece

Choosing a Ledgestone Fireplace Design

Our Surface Shop Pros make Stone Veneer Sampling and Selection a Breeze.

We have a wide range of color, shapes, sizes, and styles of ledgestone for any fireplace project, and a team of stone experts to walk you
through the process of finding the perfect stone.

Traditional Fireplace Design

While other products like brick and tile have come and gone, ledgestone is the classically elegant choice for both traditional and rustic fireplace design. Many Surface Shop products in the Stacked Stone Panel Series are designed to be installed over existing fireplace substrates, such as unpainted brick, which allows for fast and simple installation in renovation applications. The ability to cover up an old, ugly, outdated fireplace and completely change the look, sometimes in as short a time as an afternoon, is what makes our stacked stone panel series for fireplaces such an exciting group of products.

Ledgestone in a Modern Fireplace Design

One thing we really love about our Fireplace materials is how they work so well with both classic and modern Styling.  So much of it depends on some of the design cues around the fireplace itself, such as the style, size and shape of the fireplace insert and any other features on the face of the fireplace accent wall such as a television recess or art nook.  Either way, stacked stone fireplaces can look fantastic in a cozy mountain cabin, a modern California beach house, or the more transitional setting of a modern farmhouse. When it comes to fireplaces, ledgestone is a durable design choice for veneer.

Our Best Ledgestone Panels for Fireplaces

The world is awash in natural stone in many beautiful colors and Surface Shop is excited to bring to you some of our absolute favorites as part of our stacked stone collections aimed specifically for ledgestone fireplaces.  Our wide range of products cover all major areas of the neutral color range from light whites and creams, neutral earth tones with various accent colors, as well as darker charcoals, greys, and ebony blacks to make bold statements, all of which are curated with an eye towards products that can both blend into the background or stand out as the center piece of any space.

This Kalahari Dry Stack fireplace brings a classic and rugged stacked ledgestone style to this modern white canvas of a living room. The predominate khaki brown tones of Kalahari contrast with warmth against the brilliant white walls of this space, grounding it and making it cozy without becoming overdone and rustic.

The clean lines of this contemporary linear fireplace pair beautifully with the Charcoal Rock Panels used for its cladding. As a color, the medium grey base color of our Charcoal naturally has cooler undertones to it, making it an ideal companion for modern color palettes, which tend to veer toward cooler color schemes.


Ochre Blend Rock Panels is a carefully curated mix of neutral earth tones that offer an endless choice of design options for fireplace applications. With a primary color range in the grey and brown family, the accent colors show up as Copper, Gold, and Rust and serve to brighten up any Ochre installation and allow this blend to fit in among a wide range of color schemes.

Costa Dry Stacked Ledgestone create a timeless and cozy feel for this Mid Century Craftsman styled living room. The charcoal grey base color of the Costa Dry Stack is intermixed with lovely brown and earth tones in this blend which warms up and makes the overall blend of colors more inviting and fantastic complement to the dark wood accenting throughout the space.

FAQ's & Other Commonly Requested Resources

Ledgestone for Fireplaces FAQ

A Ledgestone Fireplace refers to a type of fireplace design that incorporates ledgestone as the primary material for the surrounding structure. Ledgestone is a natural stone characterized by its irregular shapes and varying thicknesses, creating a rustic and textured appearance providing a distinctive and visually appealing feature in both indoor and outdoor spaces.  

At Surface Shop we use the terms ledgestone and stacked stone pretty much interchangeably, both of them referring to any of our natural stone products that tend to have varied shapes and thicknesses and are either installed as panel systems or loose veneer with or without a mortar joint.  Ledgestone or stacked stone, depending on the color, stone finish, and scale of the product chosen can create anywhere from a rustic to ultra contemporary wall installation.

Pricing on Surface Shop ledgestone fireplace products will vary by the type of natural stone, product type, and color selected.  Contact us to be connected with your local distributor for a quote and to learn more about Surface Shop products.

The starting point for any ledgestone fireplace application is going to be a cementious substrate on the fireplace wall, such as existing unpainted brick or block, or new construction cement board or similar wall covering.  Surface Shop products are then installed using polymer modified thinset to bond either the panel systems or in the case of a loose stone veneer, like Drystack Ledgestone, the individual stones themselves to the wall.  For complete installation instructions visit our Installation Guide page.

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Whether you’re planning a complete interior floor-to-ceiling fireplace renovation or have your heart set on an inviting poolside fireplace, we have all your ledgestone surfacing needs covered. 

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