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Natural Stone Fire Pits: The Ultimate Guide

Natural Stone Fire Pit with beautiful surround seating

In the ever-evolving world of outdoor design, a compelling trend is reshaping the way we envision and inhabit our outdoor spaces. Beyond mere functionality, the rise of natural stone fire pits signifies a profound shift towards a marriage of practicality and beautiful aesthetics. Modern homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts are increasingly drawn to the idea of creating a seamless union between the raw beauty of nature and the comforts of contemporary living.

Natural stone fire pits stand as iconic symbols of this movement, their elemental elegance serving as catalysts for transformative outdoor experiences. As the demand for a blend between nature and comfort intensifies, these meticulously crafted fire features emerge as essential contributors, not merely as sources of warmth and light, but as critical elements that elevate outdoor spaces and complement existing natural stone exteriors.

The Allure of Natural Stone Fire Pits

Natural stone emerges as an exceptional choice for crafting fire pits in outdoor living spaces, offering a remarkable blend of versatility and aesthetic charm. The diversity in textures, colors, and patterns inherent in natural stone makes it a canvas for homeowners to tailor their outdoor havens according to individual tastes and the surrounding landscape. 

Whether it’s the rugged appeal of slate, the warm hues of sandstone, the cool tones of bluestone, or the timeless elegance of granite, each stone variety brings a unique character to the fire pit, ensuring adaptability to a wide range of design preferences. Firepits can in theory go right on turf, but most of what we are discussing today are firepits designed to sit right on outdoor pavers or a stone patio made of fieldstone or flagstone, or as a part of an outdoor stone bar project.

Beyond functionality, these fire pits transcend their utilitarian purpose, transforming into focal points that draw people into the heart of the outdoor setting. And as natural stone ages gracefully, it develops a captivating patina that not only adds character but also contributes to the long term beauty of the space.

Best Types of Stone for Fire Pits

Designing the perfect fire pit for your outdoor haven opens a realm of possibilities, especially when it comes to selecting the right stone. Generally speaking when we’re talking about natural stone for fire pits, we’re talking about the decorative veneer that gets attached to the fire brick that the structure itself is made out of. All the different natural stone options can be overwhelming, each one having distinct properties and aesthetic qualities. Fear not, for we have curated a selection of the finest stone choices and styles, meticulously chosen for their unique attributes that marry both functionality and visual appeal.

Ledgestone for a Stacked Appearance

Ledgestone stands as a favored choice for crafting natural stone fire pits, as these wall stones are celebrated for their distinctive natural and stacked appearance. The irregular shapes and varying thicknesses of ledgestone contribute to a visually appealing and rustic look, adding character to the fire pit that enhances the overall outdoor ambiance. Beyond its charm, ledgestone earns its reputation for durability, showcasing a remarkable ability to withstand high temperatures. This quality not only ensures the longevity of the fire pit but also establishes ledgestone as a reliable and resilient choice.

Honed Natural Stone Veneer for a Modern Look

Honed natural stone veneer in the construction of a natural stone fire pit introduces a touch of refinement and contemporary elegance to outdoor spaces. This type of stone is often cut to a consistent thickness, facilitating a smoother construction process and ensuring precision in the final product. Beyond its ease of use, honed natural stone veneer boasts excellent heat resistance, adding to its allure as a reliable choice for fire pit construction. Whether you lean towards modern or traditional designs, honed natural stone veneer is an excellent choice for a firepit in any outdoor setting.

Loose Stone Veneer for Versatility

When it comes to crafting a natural stone fire pit with artistic freedom, loose stone veneer emerges as an ideal choice. Loose stone veneer comprises individual stones, offering unparalleled flexibility in design. This allows builders to create visually interesting and textured fire pits that stand out as works of art in outdoor spaces. Think outside the traditional square or circular fire pit style and explore some truly unique styles and designs with loose stone veneer.

Stone Veneer Panels for Ease of Installation

Stone veneer panels, such as Surface Shop’s Stacked Stone Wall Panel range are a pragmatic choice for a natural stone firepit installation. These panels, designed for convenience and easy installation are generally made from small pieces of natural stone that have been epoxied together to create a panel system that acts and installs like more like a tile than traditional masonry. The advantage lies in their ease of use, providing builders with a straightforward and efficient way to achieve a polished and cohesive look for the fire pit. Stone veneer panels have become a favored option for those seeking the allure of natural stone with the added benefit of a simplified installation.

Travertine for an Earthy Tones Color Range

Travertine is a great choice for constructing a natural stone fire pit that is seeking to stay firmly planted in the warm earthy beige color range. As a form of limestone, travertine boasts a porous surface and natural pits, imparting a textured and individualized appearance to the fire pit. The texturing and porousness of travertine also help it to stay cooler than other stones in terms of heat retention in a firepit application. Available in various earthy tones from dark grey to beige to white, travertine contributes to a warm and inviting ambiance in outdoor spaces.

Types of Fire Pits You Can Build with Stone

Stone can be used on a diverse range of outdoor fire pit styles and with any type of fuel. From the rustic allure of wood-burning fire pits to the modern convenience of gas-powered alternatives—be it propane or natural gas. The versatility of natural stone seamlessly integrates with these various fire pit styles. Let’s explore some of the most popular outdoor firepit set ups and discover how natural stone becomes the common thread weaving together distinct styles, catering to diverse preferences and functional needs in the realm of outdoor living.

Wood-Burning Fire Pits

Natural stone serves as the perfect companion for a wood-burning fire pit, enhancing the sensory experience of crackling wood and the inviting fragrance it imparts. The timeless allure of stone not only complements the simplicity and classic ambiance of wood-burning fire pits but also harks back to age-old outdoor traditions, creating a captivating focal point for gatherings that seamlessly blends with the rustic charm of open flames. When most people think of a backyard fire pit the classic wood burning version comes to mind.

Gas-Powered Stone Fire Pits

Natural stone will elevate the aesthetic of any gas-powered fire pits, whether fueled by propane or natural gas. The ease of use, instant ignition, and precise control over the flame offered by gas-powered stone fire pits make them a superior choice for those seeking efficiency and modernity. Beyond the practical advantages of a gas fire pit, the clean-burning nature of gas minimizes environmental impact, providing a hassle-free and low-maintenance solution that resonates with individuals desiring both a sophisticated outdoor atmosphere and an eco-conscious approach. If you’re looking to have a stone fire pit that’s the envy of your neighbors, a gas-powered natural stone fire pit is a great choice.

Fire Pit Tables

Fire pit tables have been a welcome addition to the world of outdoor living spaces over the past decade or so.  Ingeniously combining the warmth of a fire pit with a practical surface for dining or socializing, these fire pit tables will often incorporate natural stone elements as both functional and decorative components. While coming in lots of different shapes, a round fire pit table is a great choice to allow for maximum seating and free flowing conversation. A fire pit table is a great easy way to transform outdoor areas into stylish and functional entertainment hubs, seamlessly blending the timeless beauty of natural stone with modern design and functionality.

DIY Fire Pit Kits

DIY Fire Pit Kits are available with all level of non combustible materials, but for one that will look a cut above the rest, consider a DIY Fire Pit Kit that utilizes natural stone as the aesthetic. These kits, readily available at big box stores and online are often inclusive of essential components like stone materials, burners, and sometimes ignition systems, providing a streamlined and straightforward approach for individuals seeking a hassle-free way to create a customized natural stone fire pit in their outdoor spaces. A DIY fire pit is a relatively easy project with a suitable location and the right tools for the job.

Upgrading a Stone Fire Pit with Accessories

While natural stone fire pits are captivating in their own right, adding some carefully selected accessories has the power to elevate the overall ambiance to new heights. These accessories, ranging from different types of “medium” for gas flames to go through, to styles bowls, to even different fuel sources, can all contribute to the visual appeal of a natural stone firepit.

Fire Glass and Rocks

The addition of fire glass and rocks as accessories to a natural stone fire pit introduces a touch of sophistication, transforming a regular flame into something you can’t take your eyes off. Fire glass is a special type of glass, available in various colors and sizes that is very popular, as well as lava rocks and river rock which offer a more textured and less modern look. These different types of “media” work equally well in round or square fire pit set ups and enhance the overall aesthetic by adding vibrant colors and texture, while also creating a mesmerizing play of light, turning the fire pit into an enchanting centerpiece that looks great day or night.

Fire Bowls and Pans

Fire bowls and pans, beyond their functional role in containing the flames, double as decorative accessories, adding an extra layer of style to the natural stone fire pit. By introducing unique shapes and materials, a fire bowl or pan can elevate the overall look of the firepit and contribute to the visual impact of the outdoor space.

Stainless Steel Components

Incorporating stainless steel components like burners and grates into natural stone fire pit design not only adds a touch of modernity but also significantly contributes to the efficiency of the setup. These elements excel in providing even heat distribution, ensuring a consistent and controlled flame that enhances the overall functionality of the fire pit while complementing the enduring beauty of natural stone, and with stainless steel you know these components will last for years.

Hard Plumbing Propane and Natural Gas

Opting for propane tanks or natural gas lines as the fuel source for natural stone fire pits offers homeowners unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Whether seamlessly integrated into existing gas systems or fueled by portable propane tanks, these options provide the ease of use and adaptability that make enjoying the warmth of a fire pit a hassle-free experience in any outdoor setting. A natural gas or propane fire pit also has the benefit of being instant on and smokeless meaning you’ll be ready to roast marshmallows in no time and not smell like a campfire when you’re done.

Stone Firepits vs Outdoor Fireplaces: Which to Choose?

With the trend of outdoor living spaces showing no signs of slowing down, it’s worth considering if a stone firepit, which is generally going to be less permanent and might even be an “out of the box” type product versus a more permanent outdoor stone fireplace is the right option for your project. While both stone fire pits and outdoor fireplaces serve as captivating focal points in outdoor spaces, they differ significantly in design and functionality. Stone fire pits, with their open and communal layout, create a dynamic gathering space, while an outdoor stacked stone fireplace, with its enclosed structure, will offer a more intimate and enclosed atmosphere, each providing a distinct ambiance for outdoor gatherings. A few more important things to consider include the following:

Design and Accessibility

Stone fire pits and outdoor fireplaces showcase distinct design differences, influencing the accessibility and overall ambiance of an outdoor space. Stone fire pits, with their open and communal layout, are perfect for gatherings around a central focal point, most of the time offering a 360-degree view of the fire and creating a dynamic atmosphere. In contrast, outdoor fireplaces tend to have a more formal and structured appearance, resembling indoor fireplaces, but also might provide a more directional heat source, making them suitable for specific seating arrangements.

Size and Cost Considerations

Stone fire pits come in a range of sizes, making them adaptable to different spaces, including smaller yards, and they offer a variety of price points to suit different budgets. In contrast, outdoor fireplaces may require more space and planning due to their fixed nature, potentially limiting placement options and necessitating higher costs associated with materials, construction, permitting, safety checks, and customization. The flexibility and affordability of stone fire pits make them a practical choice for various settings, while outdoor fireplaces may require a more significant investment for those seeking a grander and more permanent outdoor feature. If part of a larger outdoor patio or outdoor kitchen project, a permanent built in outdoor fireplace can be a great addition that elevates the outdoor space to the next level.


Natural stone is an indispensable element that elevates the allure of any backyard patio fire pit. A natural stone fire pit will seamlessly integrate and elevate outdoor living spaces and offer a blend of beauty and functionality. Whether it’s the rustic charm of wood-burning fire pits or the modern efficiency of gas-powered alternatives, the versatility of natural stone to clad them remains unparalleled, inviting homeowners to enhance their outdoor spaces with carefully chosen accessories and level up their outdoor living experience.

Surface Shop’s selection of natural stone veneer products are the perfect complement to any natural stone fire pit looking to be distinguished as something special.  Connect with one of our natural stone experts to learn more about integrating natural stone veneer into your next firepit project today!

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