Surfaces For the Design Minded

Surface Shop hunts the world for new sources of Designer Natural Stone

“Why” do we do this? 

What we know is that it’s not concrete or studs that make a space a home or an office. The best habitats — regardless of whether they be work or home — inspire creativity, offer respite, and uplift us through the inspired carving of space and light combined with noble materials that are beautiful, authentic, and durable.

When you enter a well-designed space, no matter who you are, you feel something special, something intentional, and something that improves your state of being. We are the materials side of this equation. Our customers are the inspired dreamers, creative designers, and avid craftsman that know this to be true as well – and we are their material support team that help them accomplish those things through inspired products and great support.

Armed with that mission, the Surface Shop team partnered with several architects and designers to begin forging their concept, developing their range of products, starting locally in New York City and Orlando, Florida.

Starting Place: Natural Stone Veneer

Unlike manmade stone, high quality natural stone has to be discovered at its source — You cannot expect Italian limestone to look, feel, and perform like Central Midwestern Limestone. The earth’s organic make up does not allow for this.

To find the very best colors and quality for our Natural Stone Veneer range, Surface Shop sent out a team traveling across the world to nearly every major stone region to begin making exclusive selections and establishing partnerships directly with quarry operations.

Armed with our appetite for design, we continue to search the world over to find the very best collection of natural stone veneer products for our clients.  We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

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