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5 Stone Corner Fireplace Ideas

Kalahari Dry Stacked Stone Corner Fireplace

Step into the cozy world of home design where warmth meets style with the timeless allure of stone corner fireplaces. In the heart of any living room or family room, a fireplace is more than just a source of heat; it’s a gathering place for laughter, stories, and shared moments. 

Stone corner fireplaces, in particular, bring a unique rustic charm and ambiance to modern living spaces, seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with practicality. Available in a huge range of styles and formats, from a more traditional built-in application to a freestanding unit that you can pick up at a big box retailer, these versatile additions not only serve as a focal point but also maximize space utilization in an artful manner.

The beauty of stone corner fireplaces lies in their ability to complement various interior styles, from rustic to contemporary. Imagine the rustic elegance of rough-hewn stones or the sleek sophistication of polished granite gracing the corners of your room. Beyond their visual appeal, these fireplaces radiate warmth efficiently, making them a functional and comforting choice for any home or accent wall. 

Whether you opt for a traditional wood-burning model or a hassle-free electric version, stone corner fireplaces promise to elevate your living space, creating a welcoming ambiance that transcends seasons. Join us as we delve into the world of stone corner fireplaces, exploring the diverse types and uncovering the numerous benefits that make them a must-have in any home.

Benefits of Stone Corner Fireplaces

A stone corner fireplace isn’t just an accessory in your living room — it’s the beating heart of your space. Picture this: a cozy nook adorned with the rustic elegance of a stone corner fireplace, instantly transforming the room into a haven of comfort and style. 

These fireplaces are not just eye-catching; they redefine the entire ambiance, becoming the focal point that draws everyone in. With their unique ability to blend aesthetics and practicality, stone corner fireplaces bring a touch of character to any living space. From efficient heating to versatile design options, get ready to discover how these charming additions elevate your home.

Creating Ambiance

Linear Grey Lavastone Fireplace
Platinum PLANC Fireplace with Flames Flickering Creates a Grogeous Ambiance for this surfside living room.

Step into a world where the flicker of flames and the rugged allure of a stone corner fireplace redefine the vibe of any room and complements everything around it. 

Instantly transforming the atmosphere, these fireplaces aren’t just pieces of decor; they’re mood-setters. Whether it’s the crackling sounds or the rustic charm, a stone corner fireplace effortlessly becomes the centerpiece, radiating warmth and creating memories.

Focal Point and Centerpiece

Timeless Costa Dry Stacked Stone Grey Fireplace
Costa Dry Stack Ledgestone Used on an Interior Centerpiece Fireplace

In the dance of interior design, few elements wield the captivating prowess of a stone corner fireplace. Picture this: nestled snugly in the corner, its rugged charm draws your gaze like a magnetic force, luring you into warmth and comfort. This isn’t just a mere hearth; it’s the room’s heartbeat, the nucleus of style. 

The sturdiness of the stone not only anchors the space but also elevates the entire aesthetic, casting a rustic elegance that commands attention. It’s more than a source of heat; it’s a visual symphony, orchestrating the room’s design with finesse.

Efficient Heating

Cozy vibes meet practical warmth with a stone corner fireplace—your home’s unsung hero in the battle against chilly days. Tucked away in its snug nook, this fireplace isn’t just a showstopper; it’s a heat powerhouse. 

It’s like having a stylish guardian against the winter chill, providing not just warmth, but a comforting embrace. Forget about frozen toes; with this stone-clad gem, you’re wrapped in a toasty haven that’s as efficient as it is chic—a true cornerstone of home comfort.


A stone corner fireplace is not only about style; it’s a durability game-changer. Picture this: years down the line, that corner fireplace is still standing tall, its natural stone armor weathering time like a champ. Unlike trends that fade, this isn’t a fleeting fancy—it’s an enduring legacy. 

The rugged resilience of natural stone is a testament to smart investing in your home’s future. So, while others might be chasing the latest fads, you’re basking in the timeless glow of a fireplace built to withstand the ages.

Types of Stone for Corner Fireplaces

In the world of stone corner fireplaces, the options for what stone to use are as diverse as your favorite playlist. You’ve got the rustic vibes of stacked stone and the raw authenticity of natural stone, a slice of the great outdoors right in your living room. Fancy a touch of modern finesse? 

Stone veneer available in all sorts of finishes from honed to raked can add a sleek style without sacrificing substance. And if you’re feeling a bit rebellious, mix in some brick for a fusion that’s as eclectic as your taste. It’s a stone symphony where variety is not just the spice; it’s the whole flavor spectrum.

Stacked Stone

Stunning Modern White Quartz Rock Face Fireplace
Beautiful White Stacked Stone Fireplace

Meet stacked stone—nature’s artistry in the form of textured elegance. Picture a visual crescendo where stones, like skilled performers, are stacked up to create a stunning, organic masterpiece. The irregular edges, the play of light and shadow on the uneven surfaces—stacked stone brings the outdoors in making it a go-to for crafting traditional fireplace surrounds that steal the spotlight.

Natural Stone

Kalahari Terraform Stone Fireplace Irregular Fieldstone Veneer 2
Kalahari TerraForm makes for a perfect natural stone fireplace

Natural stone is so special because each piece is its own unique fingerprint. The veins and color variations tell tales of geological history, turning your corner fireplace into a timeless saga of elegance. Whether an organic look like Surface Shop TerraForm or a more rectilinear look like Ashlar, natural stone options are natural fit fit fireplaces. And durability? Natural stone laughs in the face of time, a sturdy companion that stands resilient through the ages. Your corner fireplace isn’t just adorned; it’s adorned with a piece of the earth, an enduring statement of style.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is like the magic touch for fireplaces! It’s this thin layer of real or faux stone, typically sold in a panel format that you can basically overlay onto your existing fireplace, giving it a major glow-up. Imagine having the charm of stone without the heavyweight drama and hefty bill of full stone construction. Even better, stone veneer offers a multitude of finishes, ranging from the texture intense splitface to the smoothly polished honed finish, and everything in between.

Combine Stone and Brick

Ever thought about jazzing up your stone corner fireplace with a dash of rebel charm? Enter brick, the unexpected sidekick that turns the design game up a notch. It’s not just a contrast; it’s a dynamic duo, a fusion of textures that plays by its own rules. A stone and brick corner fireplace combines the rugged allure of stone and the timeless coolness of brick, a match made in interior design heaven.

Mantels, Surrounds and other Features

In the world of cozy corners and toasty vibes, fireplace mantels, surrounds, and hearths are the rockstars of stone corner fireplace design. Picture this: you’ve got the flames dancing in the corner, but it’s the mantel that adds that extra flair, a sweet spot for showcasing family photos or holiday decorations. The surrounds play bodyguard, framing the fire with style, while the hearth becomes the stage for warmth and marshmallow roasting extravaganzas.

Fireplace Mantels

A fireplace mantel is some version of a shelf installed above the firebox and a perfect spot to flaunt your personality and style. From classic wooden mantels radiating warmth to sleek modern designs channeling chic vibes, the options are a design playground. Picture a rustic wooden mantel, oozing charm, or a minimalist masterpiece in marble stealing the spotlight. Whether the mantel itself is all that’s needed for the space, or paired up with art, heirlooms, or family photos, the design possibilities of this spot are infinite.

Fireplace Surrounds

A fireplace surround is the frame for your fireplace. Surrounds can match the fireplace stone, keeping it all in the family, or go rogue with contrasting materials for that jaw-dropping effect. Often the surround is included with fireplace inserts, professionally designed to match the unit itself, but if you do have an open firebox the surround is one more area a fireplace can be customized to your own style and preferences.

Customizing Mantels and Surrounds

Customizing mantels and surrounds is like giving your living room a personality upgrade. Imagine intricate carvings or engravings — the kind of bespoke details that make guests go, “Where’d you get that?” Whether it’s a nod to tradition or a bold modern statement, your mantel becomes a canvas for your design whims. From sleek minimalism to ornate flourishes, it’s all fair game. So, why follow the crowd when your fireplace can be a curated masterpiece, reflecting your style down to the last detail?

Enhancing the Hearth

A hearth is the step that you’ll find below the firebox in a traditional fireplace setup.  Typically the hearth will be clad in the same material as the rest of the fireplace, whether that’s stone, brick or tile, sometimes with different materials on the vertical and horizontal surfaces. Some hearths play double duty, offering a spot for fireside chats or impromptu seating. 

Others strut their stuff purely for aesthetics, a decorative dance beneath the flickering flames. Stone is always a good option for a hearth as it is naturally non combustible, which is often a code requirement for this part of a fireplace, while being incredibly durable ensuring it stands up to a lifetime of being sat on, wood getting dragged across it, etc. Whether you’re drawn to the earthy solidity of stone or the urban charm of brick, the hearth sets the tone, turning your corner fireplace into a snug haven with a touch of personal flair.

Fireplace Types

When it comes to stone corner fireplaces you have a menu of options when it comes to different types and how they produce heat. Electric fireplaces give you flames on demand without breaking a sweat. A flick of a switch on a gas fireplace transforms your space into an instant snugfest, and the traditional wood-burning units are here to channel those rustic vibes and that irresistible crackle.

Electric Fireplaces

A corner electric fireplace gets you the beauty and warmth of a fireplace without the fuss. Picture this: no real flames, just a mesmerizing, realistic dance of light and heat. They’re the tech-savvy solution for stone corner fireplaces, effortlessly blending coziness with convenience. Easy to install, these fireplaces plug into an electrical outlet, instantly turning your corner into a haven of warmth and making them ideal products for a quick remodel project. Perfect for low-maintenance enthusiasts, they skip the hassle of wood or gas, while still delivering that intimate ambiance. So, if you’re after a stress-free, flame-free fireplace that fits seamlessly into your stone corner design, the electric option is your ticket to toasty tranquility.

Gas Fireplaces

Large linear gas fireplace clad in Surface Shop Charcoal natural stone veneer wall panels in a dark grey color with a small built in cabinet showcasing a gold vase
Charcoal Rock Panels used around this gas burning fireplace

Gas fireplaces, fueled by natural gas or propane, are the fireplace of choice for most new fireplace applications. Imagine flames at your fingertips – just flip a switch, and voila! These fireplaces bring the heat without the hassle. Versatility is their game, allowing seamless integration with various stone types to match your room’s vibe. Whether it’s sleek marble, rustic brick, or contemporary slate, gas fireplaces are the chameleons of style.

Traditional Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Stunning Rustic Natural Limestone Fireplace in Outdoor Back Patio
Whitsunday Ashlar gives an organic appearance around this wood burning fireplace

Step into the classic embrace of a wood-burning fireplace, where the allure of real logs transforms your space into a haven of timeless warmth. It’s not just about the real flame; it’s a connection to nature, the dance of crackling logs, the scent of burning wood, the flickering amber glow—this isn’t just a fire; it’s an experience. Wood-burning fireplaces add a touch of nostalgia, a return to the elemental charm of a bygone era. The ambiance they create is more than just heat; it’s authenticity.

Fireplace TV Stands

Revolutionize your corner with a fireplace TV stand that is basically ready to go out of the box and can completely change the look of a room without the normal construction challenges of other home improvement projects. These stands, available in a myriad of styles, seamlessly blend into diverse design themes. Picture rustic charm with a stone surround or modern sleekness with minimalist lines—there’s a fireplace TV stand to match every mood. It’s a double delight, offering both the cozy glow of a fireplace and everything you need in an entertainment center in one.

5 Stone Corner Fireplace Design Ideas

Let’s close by exploring five captivating stone corner fireplace ideas. Whether you’re leaning towards contemporary chic, mosaic-inspired magic, or a timeless embrace of tradition, these ideas cater to diverse tastes and interior styles.

Idea #1 - Rustic Elegance with Stacked Stone

XL Ochre Blend Rock Panels used on a compact fireplace
Rustic Ochre Stacked Stone Adorn this Elegant Fireplace

Immerse yourself in this rustic yet elegant stacked stone fireplace. The uneven texture of the stones adds a depth of visual interest richness that transforms the space. Earthy tones, ranging from warm browns to subtle grays, blend nicely with the wood box and logs while also contrasting with the clean lines of the fireplace insert and surround.

Idea #2 - Natural Beauty with Real Stone Veneer

Sonoma TerraForm Fireplace 2
Lovely Sonoma TerraForm shines on this fireplace

This fireplace adorned with real stone veneer is the epitome of natural beauty, a genuine slice of the earth’s elegance. The authentic texture and hues of real stone craft an ageless charm that transcends trends. The earthy tones transforms the living space into a haven where elegance meets the raw beauty of the great outdoors.

Idea #3 - Contemporary Flair with Minimalist Freestanding Design

Surface Shop Grey Aksent 3D natural stone veneer wall panels used on a double sided fireplace that seperates a living room with seating area from an open sunroom
Large Format Linear Grey Basalt Strips are the perfect modern compliment to this freestanding fireplace

This freestanding stone corner fireplace exudes modern sophistication where clean lines, simple shapes and polished stone marry together into sleek, uncluttered home decor. The absence of a conventional surround allows it to stand as a sculptural focal point, blending seamlessly into the modern living space.

Idea #4 - Timeless Elegance of Natural Stone Hearth

Ochre Rock Panels with natural stone hearth in a commercial lobby
A beautiful combination of our Ochre Rock Panels used with a natural stone hearth

This fireplace with a natural stone hearth invites you to warm up upon arriving and is also functional in terms of the storage and cubbies underneath it, making it perfect for the large entryway of this office building. The multi piece sandstone hearth with a live split face edge works beautifully in terms of both texture and complimentary color to the stacked stone veneer panel above.

Idea #5 - Artistic Expression with Custom Carved Mantels

Grey Basalt AKSENT 3D Panels used on a fireplace with Silva Classic Tile Strip down the Center
Grey Basalt AKSENT 3D Panels used on a fireplace with Silva Classic Tile Strip down the Center

This fireplace crowned with a custom reclaimed timber mantel is a bespoke masterpiece, blending warmth with artisanal allure in a stunning modern living room. The timber is a lot more than just a shelf – it transforms the mantel into a statement piece elevating the fireplace to a cozy work of art.


Stone corner fireplaces stand as the epitome of both aesthetic and functional brilliance, transforming any living space into a sanctuary of warmth and style. The versatility of stone options, from the earthy authenticity of real stone veneer to the sleek allure of stone veneer panels, provide a canvas for individual expression. Beyond their captivating appearance, these fireplaces offer a timeless charm and a cozy focal point, whether fueled by the modern convenience of electric, the controlled flames of gas, or the traditional crackle of wood. Stone corner fireplaces aren’t just additions; they are the heartbeat of a living space blending the timeless elegance of stone with the comfort, warmth, and practicality of a fireplace.

Surface Shop has been making natural stone products perfect for stone corner fireplaces for over 15 years.  Check out our inspiring Fireplaces Gallery for inspiration on your next project!

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