How to Install a Flat Screen TV on a Stacked Stone Wall

Overview: How to Install a Flat Screen TV on a Stacked Stone Wall

Over the years many of our customers have completed amazing feature walls using our stacked stone rock panel products, and on quite a few of those interior stone walls they choose to hang a flat screen TV. When we first started making our products TVs weren’t flat and definitely didn’t get hung on a wall, but as technology evolved and our customers pushed the design limits of their entertainment space the question about how to hang a flat screen tv on a stacked stone wall was one we needed to answer. A quick side note: If you’ve arrived here looking to learn how to install stone veneer, click here. Otherwise, without further adieu, here’s a quick “how to” guide for hanging a flat screen TV on a stacked stone wall.

Step 1: Determine the Scope of the Project

Whenever hanging a TV on a wall you’ll need to consider a few things including the locations of electrical and cable outlets. Before you install anything it makes sense to understand if any of these services need moved, or perhaps a low voltage chaise installed in your wall cavity to allow for the proper hook ups in the location of the new unit.

Step 2: Prepare the Substrate for Stacked Stone

Most often this involves covering existing drywall with cement board, or if you are already at open wall studs, the cement board can be directly attached to the studs.

Flat Screen TV installed on Stacked Stone Wall Installing Cement Board
Flat Screen TV installed on Stacked Stone Wall – Installing Cement Board

Step 3: Select the TV Mount and Check for Clearance on the Wall

Wall mounts are readily available now through online retailers or brick and mortar electronic stores. Be sure to select a mount that is properly sized for the television. In this step it is also a good idea to check the clearance on your mount against the wall that will soon have stone on it. Allow for at least 2” of stone and setting bed, and make sure you still have clearance to hang the TV on the mount without issue.

Step 4: Install the TV Mount

Following the manufacturer’ directions, install the wall mount directly onto the cement board, making sure the screws being used are of sufficient length to reach into the studs. Depending on the size of television and spacing of the wall studs, it might be a good idea to attach a few 1”x4”s to the wall, making sure these are firmly anchored into the studs, which will allow you more flexibility to place your mount exactly where you want it and attach it to the 1”x4”s.

Step 5: Protect the Mount and Install the Stacked Stone

Use painters or masking tape and some plastic sheeting to cover up the wall mount during installation of natural stone veneers. Install the stacked stone using a polymer modified thinset and making the appropriate cuts around the mount. It’s a good idea to save some extra stone in a closet or attic such that if you ever decide to take the TV down from the wall, you can remove the mount and go back and fill in the gap with stone.

Flat Screen TV installed on Stacked Stone Wall Installing Stone
Flat Screen TV installed on Stacked Stone Wall – Installing Stone

Step 6: Install the TV Mount, Hang on the Wall and Hook Up Connections

Once the stacked stone installation is complete, install the TV side of the wall mount on the TV unit itself and hang the entire unit on the wall. A couple extra sets of hands can help a lot in this step by helping guide the TV into place and plugging in / managing the cords. Most wall mounts will make a distinctive click when the unit is secured.

Step 7: Clean Up & Enjoy

Zip ties are a handy tool for managing excess length on any electrical or low voltage cables, so make sure that any excess length is tucked up nice and neat behind the TV. Finally, enjoy your new stacked stone media wall!

Surface Shop Ochre Blend Natural Stone veneer wall panels on a living room feature wall with a tv hung on the wall
Flat Screen TV installed on Stacked Stone Wall – Living Room

In retrofit situations, where you already have stacked stone on a wall or fireplace and you’re wanting to come back and hang a tv over it, our first recommendation is to always see if a small portion of the stone can be cut or chipped out of the existing installation to create a flat surface to mount the bracket to. It might be possible with a lot of patience and some sturdy shims to try and drill through the stone, and shim the bracket out on the face of an irregular surface like stacked stone. If attempting a retrofit installation of that nature, its very important that a direct mechanical bond is made into the wall stud to make sure the TV stays safe on the wall.

With a combined 40+ years experience in the stone industry our technical team is here to answer any questions you might have or troubleshoot anything unique to your project – we’re a great resource for all thing stacked stone. Call or contact us today!

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