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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer
Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer

Why Use Surface Shop Natural Stone for Bathroom Walls?

Using natural stone in bathrooms, powder rooms, or even a spa like master bath retreat is first and foremost a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space, providing a timeless and luxurious feel that complements various design styles. Beyond its visual allure, natural stone products have exceptional durability making them a practical choice for accent walls in the challenging moisture rich environment of a bathroom. With products across a wide range of patterns, textures, and colors, Surface Shop has the stone you’re looking for to elevate your bathroom to something special.

Glacier Terraform Residential Outdoor Shower
White TerraForm™ Used in a stunning outdoor shower

Excellent Durability and Resistance to Wear

Natural stone stands as a testament to durability, making it an ideal choice for high-use areas like bathrooms. Its robust composition enables it to resist wear and tear, ensuring longevity in the face of constant use. 

The innate resilience of stone allows it to withstand the challenges posed by moisture and humidity, preventing deterioration and maintaining its integrity over time. In bathrooms, where conditions can be demanding, opting for natural stone walls and flooring guarantees a steadfast and enduring solution throughout the rigors of daily life and that will ultimately be far more visually appealing than plain porcelain or ceramic tile.

Create an Elegant and Luxurious Aesthetic

Natural stone offers a timeless and enduring elegance to bathroom walls, creating a luxurious aesthetic that withstands passing trends. The inherent uniqueness of natural stone, with its diverse textures, colors, and patterns, contributes to a level of sophistication that transforms the bathroom into a refined sanctuary. 

Whether it’s a highly textured stone panel to create a spa like environment or our Lynia Tiles with their elegant linear patterns, the rich and varied visual appeal of natural stone elevates the overall ambiance with an enduring beauty that stands the test of time. Choosing natural stone for bathroom walls is a tasteful investment in enduring style and opulence.

Kit Overgrouted Ledgestone Pool house Bathroom
Kit Ledgestone with overgrout on outside walls of atrium pool bathroom
Surface Shop All Products
Surface Shop boasts over 75 different types of Natural Stone Veneers

Wide Variety of Design Options

Surface Shop has an extensive array of stone types available for bathroom applications, from the rich basalt stone of our Ebony Planc Large Format Tile to the incredibly durable quartzite of the Ochre Rock Panel.  Whether it’s marble, granite, limestone, or slate, every stone variety boasts its own distinct appearance, colors, and veining, providing a broad palette for customization.

Let the team at Surface Shop help you find the perfect stone for any bathroom project, ensuring that the stone not only meets practical needs but also aligns seamlessly with the desired ambiance.

Designing a Stone Bathroom Wall: Tiles vs Panels

Let the Pros at Surface Shop Decide What Type of Natural Stone is Right for Your Bathroom

With so many product formats including large format tiles, mesh mounted mosaics, pre assembled panels, and even loose stone, it can be hard to know where to start when considering natural stone for a bathroom project. Let our team of expert walk you through the two main types of stone for bathrooms, stone tiles and stone wall panels.

Stone Tiles

Stone Tiles are probably the most common choice when considering natural stone veneer products for a bathroom application. Tiles will come in all sizes, but generally will trend towards smaller sizes for bathroom applications. Surface Shop All Clad Series and Planc Tiles are both great stone tile series perfect for bathroom applications. Stone tiles are generally installed piece by piece on the wall using a thinset adhesive and grouted in. Many of Surface Shop products can be laid in a drystack pattern, eliminating the grout lines, which is a huge advantage in a bathroom environment in terms of keeping the installation looking as clean as it was the day it was installed.

Stone Wall Panels

Stone Wall Panels are fundamentally different from stone tiles as the panels are generally made up of individual pieces of stone that are epoxied together to create a panel that can then be installed like a tile. Visually the panels can be made out of individual stones with any type of finish, including both split face and honed, as well as varying thicknesses. This allows panels to create a dimensionalized look with a range of different textures. Often stone panels will be larger than stone tiles, meaning there’s less individual panels to install in each installation, which can result in quicker installs and a consistent appearance across the wall.

Stone Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas

There are so many different places a stone accent wall can work well in and the bathroom is no exception – it’s an interior project where just a small amount of stone can make a big impact. Natural stone works so well in bathrooms as it adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, elevating the overall look by incorporating unique textures and patterns that you aren’t used to seeing and turning a space that is meant to be inherently functional into something to be enjoyed day in and day out.

The vanity wall is the easiest place in a bathroom where stone can be installed to dramatic effect. The stunning grey marble veneer panels show us that we really don’t need huge mirrors to look at behind the sink, when some beautiful stone and high end plumbing and lighting fixtures can look much better and transform even the smallest of bathroom vanities into a focal point of high design

Why not go floor to ceiling like we see in this rustic inspired master bath retreat featuring an eye catching free standing tub carved out of a large single boulder with Ochre XL Rock Panels complementing both the texture and color scheme as they go in a narrow band from the floor all the way to the cathedral ceiling. When the space calls for something extraordinary, natural stone is there to deliver.

Bathrooms are usually the domain of smooth surfaces, from tile to glass, so using a highly textured natural stone veneer behind the tub and vanity like we see in this walk out basement bathroom is a great way to add contrast into the design. The splitface texture in these Ochre Rock Panels allows the smooth curves of the freestanding tub and vessel sink to stand out even more.

A honed finish stacked stone panel product like the Grey Aksent 3D in this luxe bathroom is the perfect product for a modern inspired design. The clean geometric shapes of this panel that actually transitions from interior to exterior adds the perfect texture against the freestanding tub and the smooth lines of the glass shower door and floor to ceiling windows, all while in a classic grey color scheme.

Stone Bathroom Wall FAQs

Questions & Answers

All of Surface Shop’s natural stone veneer products can be used for bathroom wall applications, including in showers. When selecting a stone for bathroom walls, consider your budget, maintenance preferences, and the overall design aesthetic you want to achieve and be sure to follow proper installation and sealing practices to protect against water damage and stains.

The pros of a natural stone bathroom wall include the high end look only natural stone can deliver, durability, and a wide variety of colors, textures, and size / shape products to choose from. Some cons of a bathroom stone wall include the cost and expected maintenance of a stone wall over a plain wall or low maintenance, but uninspiring, option like ceramic or porcelain tile.

Yes, stone can absolutely be used in a shower. The important thing to know about a shower installation is that it’s actually what’s behind the stone panels or tiles that’s most important for a successful installation. Properly waterproofed substrates and the correct thinset tile adhesive ensures a natural stone shower installation stands the test of time. Simple daily things, like running the exhaust fan while the shower is running to evacuate the moist air from the bathroom and slow down the accumulation of mold and mildew make this type of luxe stone shower look more than just an inspiration for any master bath.

Non acidic cleaning agents are the best way to clean stone walls in bathrooms as these ensure the cleaners do not etch or change the surface / finish of the stone. In addition to routine cleaning, sealing a stone wall in a bathroom is highly recommended as the sealer will provide a barrier of protection and keep the stone looking newer and staying cleaner than an unsealed stone wall.

Pricing on Surface Shop natural stone veneer products for use on a bathroom feature wall will vary by the type of natural stone, product type, and color selected.  Contact us to be connected with your local distributor for a quote and to learn more about Surface Shop products.

While many if not all natural stone products can be used in moisture-rich environments like bathrooms, for maintenance reasons, only smoother finishes are recommended in or around high moisture environments (such as the shower well) - So, that could be brushed, honed, or sandblasted and brushed finishes. Outside the shower well, for example behind the vanity, you can use all kinds of textures to bring your vision to life.

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Our Best Natural Stone Veneer for Bathroom Walls

Natural stone is a product that belongs on your next bathroom project, whether it’s a small feature wall, behind the vanity, or even in the shower. Contact a Surface Shop Pro to learn all about using natural stone in any type of bathroom application and to get started on your dream stone bathroom project today!

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