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Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer
Surface Shop Natural Stone Veneer Manufacturer

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An outdoor stone kitchen is on many homeowner’s wish list. Whether it’s big enough to cook a holiday feast, or just the right size to enjoy some grilling and a cool drink on a summer night with your immediate family, a stone outdoor kitchen will elevate the design and look of any outdoor living space, and even more importantly, increase the enjoyment level of that space as well.  Surface Shop natural stone veneer products are the perfect product for the wall veneer on an outdoor stone kitchen, ensuring a beautiful and durable wall surface for years to come. Enjoy this collection of our beautiful stone veneer used on outdoor kitchens and some relevant details and considerations about this type of project and contact a Surface Shop pro for product information, samples, and a quote for your next stone outdoor kitchen project.

Aeon Blue Irregular Stone Veneer Outdoor Kitchen Backsplash
Aeon TerraForm™ creates a capitvating backsplash on this outdoor kitchen.

Design Considerations and Layout

When designing an outdoor stone kitchen, thoughtful consideration of both the overall look and design, as well as the functional flow of the space are crucial to consider. From a design standpoint, consider incorporating stone veneer on bar fronts to create a visually appealing focal point, using it as a backsplash to add texture and charm, and surrounding under-the-counter appliances with stone for a cohesive and sophisticated look.

From a layout perspective, envision the flow of the kitchen and look for a seamless transition between cooking and entertaining areas. Zoning becomes key, delineating spaces for food preparation and socializing. Natural stone veneer can play a pivotal role in the design and flow, offering versatility for integrating spaces together with a consistent look and feel.

Why Choose an Outdoor Stone Kitchen?

Choosing Surface Shop natural stone veneer for your outdoor kitchen project aligns with the growing trend of creating functional and stylish outdoor living spaces. Outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular, offering a seamless blend of entertainment and culinary experiences. 

Surface Shop natural stone veneer used on the walls, bar fronts, backsplashes and other vertical surfaces ensures durability in the face of changing weather conditions and a long-lasting and resilient option. Beyond its durability, natural stone looks amazing and will create a visually stunning environment that complements the natural surroundings, making your outdoor kitchen a focal point for both special gatherings and daily use.

Sun-Valley-Brushed-Limestone Strip Cladding Exterior Outdoor Enterintaing
Beautiful Sun Valley STRATA™ surounds this outdoor living arrangement.
Kit Dry Stack Closeup
Hard-wearing natural stone has been an durable building material for millenia.

Maintenance and Longevity

Utilizing stone veneer in your outdoor kitchen not only provides a classic and luxurious aesthetic but also delivers on the exceptional durability and longevity of stone veneer as a wall cladding when properly maintained. Routine cleaning helps preserve the natural beauty of the stone, preventing the accumulation of dirt and grime and regular sealing is crucial to safeguard against the elements and maintain long term durability. 

Natural stone has been around for millions of years in nature and with the proper installation and just a little bit of maintenance will outlast most other wall surfaces in any residential application. When it comes to durable and long lasting surfaces, natural stone is hard to beat!

Best Types of Natural Stone Veneer for Outdoor Kitchens

In outdoor kitchen design, various types of stone offer unique benefits, catering to diverse preferences and practical needs. The choice of stone for your outdoor kitchen involves considerations of durability, aesthetics, texture, and color, ensuring a tailored and functional space that aligns with your design vision and how you plan to use the space. From basalt, to quartzite, granite and slate, Surface Shop has curated a world class collection of natural stone veneers from all corners of the globe perfectly suited for any stone outdoor kitchen project. 

Quartzite is a very durable stone, making it desirable for an outdoor kitchen. This Orion TerraForm feature wall in an outdoor kitchen will remain looking beautiful for years to come. For ultimate durability, a non-color-enhancing sealer can be applied. Coming in a wide array of colors from the Surface Shop, like the warm and balanced Orion featured on this project, the right color quartzite stone product is sure to exist for your project to either complement the rest of the design, or steal the show as a beautiful accent color.

One of the things we love so much about slate products, like the Ochre Blend Rock Panel which is part of Surface Shop’s Stone Panel collection, is how adaptable it is to different color schemes and design themes. This product with its huge range of earth tones will look great as part of any color scheme involving, blacks, greys, browns, beiges, oranges and even reds. And the clean geometric lines of the individual stones and panel concept adapts nicely to both a rustic vibe as well as more modern linear design schemes.

Simple, elegant, reliable, are all wonderful attributes of granite natural stone veneer as we see in this stunning Kalahari Dry Stack Ledgestone stone outdoor kitchen project. Starting off by dominating the large back wall of this space, this beautiful granite stone almost melds into itself on the front of the bar and exhaust hood. Granite is a highly durable, heat-resistant, stone that has excellent resistance to scratches and stains making it an ideal choice for outdoor kitchen applications.

Proving that not all stone outdoor kitchens have a rustic finish, this beautiful large multi family outdoor kitchen and seating area features Surface Shop Grey Basalt Lynia Interlocking Tile as part of the Linear Collection of wall veneers features a ultra smooth honed finish. The grey color scheme is perfect for the modern industrial vibe of this space and the interlocking pattern and format of the Lynia tile itself, set against high contrast white grout complements the modern design of this space.

Natural Stone Veneer for Outdoor Kitchens

If your plans for an outdoor stone kitchen are just starting to form, or if you’re looking to take an existing space to the next level, Surface Shop has all your natural stone veneer needs covered. Contact a Surface Shop Pro to get started today.

Natural Stone & Outdoor Kitchens FAQs

Questions & Answers

Selecting the best stone for your outdoor kitchen hinges on durability and aesthetics. Basalt, Granite, Quartzite and Slate stand out as popular choices due to its resilience against weathering and its timeless appeal, ensuring your outdoor space remains both functional and visually stunning for years to come.

For natural stone veneer wall cladding both granite and quartzite are great products for exterior applications like outdoor stone kitchens.  Both offer great resistance to UV exposure and extreme temperatures, while also offering excellent durability and low maintenance indoors.

An outdoor kitchen is definitely a project where almost an unlimited amount of money can be spent depending on the size, accesories added, and finished selected. With careful planning and budgeting a stone outdoor kitchen can still be a reasonable project from a cost standpoint. Pricing on Surface Shop natural stone veneer products for outdoor stone kitchens will vary by the type of natural stone, product type, and color selected.  Contact us to be connected with your local distributor for a quote and to learn more about Surface Shop products.

When it comes to durability in outdoor kitchen projects, natural stones like quartzite, basalt, granite, limestone, slate and bluestone reign supreme. Their robust nature ensures resilience against weathering, making them ideal choices for outdoor stone kitchen projects.

Sealing granite, as well as all other natural stone veneer products in exterior applications is recommended to enhance its resistance against moisture penetration and staining from outdoor elements. This protective measure helps prolong the longevity of the veneer, ensuring its beauty and integrity over the long term.

While we often recommend hiring a professional for best results, there are several products in our range, such as our Stone Panel or Linear Stone Collections, which can be installed by a competent DIY'er with reasonable tile experience. Nevertheless, for pixel-perfect results, it's always recommended to bring in a licensed, professional contractor.

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