Niagara Riverhouse Delights Contemporary Architecture Enthusiasts

World renowned, NYC-based Zerafa Architecture Studio stepped outside of their standard portfolio to create an award-winning residential masterpiece situated alongside a tributary to the Niagara Falls.

Commonly known as the Niagara Falls Riverhouse, this modern home is designed using two long, linear stacked boxes to create its outer structure. To ground this project, Zerafa used Charcoal Rock Panels to create highly textured facades on all sides of the structure.

Zerafa Architects Niagara Riverhouse uses Charcoal Stacked Stone Rock Panels for Exterior Facade

Charcoal Rock Panels create a stunning, texture-rich stone facade at the Niagara Riverhouse.

Charcoal Stone Facade near Driveway

Zerafa Architects Riverhouse Stone Wall

Modern Stone Facade

Niagara Home Stone Wall Wood Steps Walkout

Sunset Photo Charcoal Rock Panel Residential Facade