Masonry, A Return to Nature.

It’s so easy in our everyday lives to move further away from the earth, deeper into our technology-dominated worlds. It’s easy because, now more than ever, our lives exist online – From our social lives and professional lives to our financial lives, and so on.

One of the primary guiding lights behind Surface Shop is to reach back into Nature, to help you create a home where you’re surrounded by natural materials. Whether you’re dreaming of a cozy living room fireplace, a beautiful outdoor entertaining area to visit with friends, or a stylish new minimalist kitchen to cook your favorite recipes, using natural materials will always trump manmade ones. That’s because, as humans, we will always feel a connection to the “inconsistency” of organic materials over the repetitive, sameness of manmade materials.

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Natural spaces can not be recreated, only mimicked.

Surface Shop underwent an incredible expansion this year, diving deeper into some of the most wonderous natural stone sources in the world. We went further off grid than ever before, finding grey gold limestones that shimmer like gold in the sun and cool white limestones that stand out like the Whitsunday Islands against the Coral Sea. We did this all because we are passionate about finding natural materials that inspire you, your designer, and your builder to create your best spaces.

With that said, we are often asked a very simple question:

Why is Natural Stone better than Man Made Stone?

When you approach a wall clad in Faux Stone, you will notice a lightness to the stone when touched — It will feel less real because it is made to be much lighter than real stone. You will also notice that sameness we discussed above, where the pattern and color are repetitive. No matter how hard we try, we cannot replicate nature. Conversely, when you approach a wall made in Natural Stone, you will notice the organic inconsistencies of the raw material – Whether that’s fossils in limestone, or mineral tracing in Bluestone, or our favorite oxygen striations in lavastone. Ultimately, Natural Stone offers a look and feel that simply can never be replicated and, if you can afford the look, it is highly recommended to invest in your space by installing Natural Stone.

We welcome your design dreams here at Surface Shop. Creating inspired spaces is why we do this. Give us a call, and let us help you navigate to a natural stone product that will take your project to new, extraordinary heights.

Signing off,

Rassan Grant

CEO, Co-Founder

The Surface Shop

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